Tezos topped Weiss agency rating. BTC is only 11th.

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Altcoin Tezos received first place in the ranking compiled by Weiss Crypto Rating. The researchers presented a list of the best cryptocurrencies at the end of last week.

They analyzed the technology of each ecosystem and concluded that the best project is Tezos, which has also aggressively added value over the past few months.

Altcoin's capitalization exceeds $1.885 billion: the XTZ rate is now kept at around $2.66. Bitcoin in this rating did not get into the top ten best projects in terms of technological potential and received only 11th place.

The study says: "Our technological model evaluates the potential of each cryptocurrency to achieve various goals: transaction speed, decentralization, energy efficiency, flexibility in updates and scaling."

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Based on all the above criteria, Tezos is the best project. In the top five, in addition to XTZ, Cardano, Cosmos, Fantom, and Ethereum were included.

In the crypto community, many disagree with assessments of the potential of bitcoin in the Weiss Crypto Rating's study. Proponents of the first cryptocurrency believe that the rating of the agency cannot be objective and most likely was compiled taking into account the interests of specific crypto projects.