Kim Jong-un's transfer of $500 million in BTC is a fake

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Kim Jong-un transferred Bitcoin

CoinDesk journalist Zach Voell decided to make a joke about the community in a rather original way, spreading fake news about the transfer of 65,091 BTC (more than 500 million) from the Trezor wallet, allegedly belonging to the DPRK leader Kim Jong-un.

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He designed his account in the style of the popular Twitter service Whale Alert, announcing a major transfer to the Coinbase exchange on behalf of Kim Jong-un.

Later, when the record was distributed on the network and in a number of media, Voell deleted the post according to the journalist, he was surprised that many publications generally took the tweet seriously.

According to one of the commentators under the pseudonym @zndtoshi, Zach should not have deleted the tweet. In his opinion, it is necessary that people sell and lose money so that they buy on highs. Maybe then they will grow a pair of brain cells in order not to trust, but to check, and another pair of brain cells to have a little sense of humor.

The fate of bitcoins, which are allegedly at the disposal of the North Korean authorities, in the case of the death of Kim Jong-un worries many.

Last week, news of the death of the head of the DPRK was circulated in the media. In North Korea, information is denied, but Kim Jong-un himself has not appeared in public for a long time.