Customers of the hacked dForce got back their $25 million

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dForce hack

The management of decentralized finance service dForce announced a plan for the redistribution of assets after an attacker returns all funds stolen from the site in the amount of $24.9 million.

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DForce said that about 90% of the assets were distributed among all affected by a user attack in less than 24 hours. More details will follow shortly.

They decided to return the asset portfolio to the state before the contract was attacked and suspended. Thus, the creators of the protocol revealed on the blog the fate of the remaining 10% of the non-returned funds and promised that this would happen within a week.

For those users who attracted a loan on the platform, it is necessary to repay it during this period. Otherwise, the platform will realize its reserves and return the remaining assets in the form of stablecoins.

DForce management reminded customers that transactions can only be made through the company's official website and that dubious alternatives promoted by phishing resources should be ignored.

Recall, the hacker decided to refund after transferred his IP-address to Singapore law enforcement agencies.