LabCFTC head: COVID-19 can digitalize the payment base

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Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Melissa Netram, head of the research division of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), predicts an acceleration of the transition to a qualitatively new financial infrastructure.

The structure of the global economy is changing. For some areas, the crisis will deal a crushing blow, but other areas, such as blockchain, will only benefit.

LabCFTC Director said: "My official point of view, I think that now more than ever during the crisis we see how technology and innovation help us move on to the next stage."

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According to the expert, CFTC is currently developing mechanisms for regulating relations in the blockchain industry and other innovative fields. At the exit, we get a new payment infrastructure, which in many respects will be better than today's financial system, Netram summed up.

Analysts at the research division at Binance recently expressed a similar point of view. Only they did not focus on coronavirus but the upcoming launch of the Libra crypto project.

Their report says that the emergence of a new asset will create conditions for changing the infrastructure for processing financial transactions. In particular, operating costs will be reduced and overall system performance will be increased.