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Arthur Hayes: Bitcoin will hit bottom near $25,000


According to the former CEO of the BitMEX exchange, Arthur Hayes, bitcoin will not be able to stay above $30,000. The coin will resume its retreat in the near future and find a bottom at around $25,000. Ether (ETH) is also likely to be correct, and Hayes identified its fundamental values ​​in...

tim draper

Tim Draper: Women Will Drive Bitcoin Growth


Financier Tim Draper, who represents the Bitcoin bull camp, believes that the largest digital currency will add in value, thanks to the support of women. According to him, over the past few years, the proportion of the fair sex has increased. They are the ones who will push BTC up as they love to...


Whales Purchase Over 80K Bitcoins from Luna Foundation Guard


During the May turbulence, the Luna Foundation Guard sold over 80,000 bitcoins to support the UST stablecoin. Glassnode analysts found that almost all of these coins were bought by whale wallets holding less than 100 BTC. According to the researchers, LFG floated 80,081 BTC earlier this month. This...

Michael Saylor

Michael Saylor promises to continue buying bitcoin


Bitcoin remains an asset free from government and corporate interference, inspiring confidence “in this uncertain world.” This was stated in an interview by the head of MicroStrategy Michael Saylor. According to the head of MicroStrategy, the markets have entered bearish territory - bonds act...

Bitcoin whales

Whales took advantage of Bitcoin's fall below $30,000


Cryptocurrencies continue to retreat amid increasing pressure on risky assets. Bitcoin fell to $28,943 this morning, over the past 24 hours, its capitalization has decreased by 4% to $551.376 billion. Ether (ETH) and Binance Coin (BNB) dropped over 6% to $1,780 and $298, respectively. Solana (SOL)...

crypto JPMorgan

JPMorgan Says Bitcoin Has a Significant Upside Potential


Amid bearish sentiments prevailing in the market, Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou and other strategists of the leading investment bank JPMorgan said in a note that BTC is likely to go up after the recent fall. They predicted the rise of the coin to $38,000, about a 29% increase of Bitcoin's current trading...

Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio confirms that part of his capital is stored in bitcoin


Ray Dalio, the founder of hedge fund Bridgewater Associates, reiterated that he holds a small amount of bitcoin in his portfolio. Last year, this financier pointed to the gigantic potential of cryptocurrency. According to him, the limited supply of BTC is the main factor that will support the value...

Scott Minerd

Scott Minerd of Guggenheim Partners doesn't rule out BTC's drop to $8K


Bitcoin again sank below $30,000, altcoins are also losing today. Against the backdrop of prolonged market stagnation, many experts began to revise their forecasts for the worse. If at the end of 2020 the investment director of Guggenheim Partners Scott Minerd stated that BTC should trade at...


Bitcoin has been losing for the past seven weeks


For the past seven weeks in a row, the price of bitcoin has been declining. Despite small and short-term bounces, sellers do not allow the coin to change fundamental positions. According to Bloomberg, we are seeing the longest correction since 2011. Today, during the Asian session, BTC bounced...


Traders have sent about 40K BTC to exchanges since May 11


The fall in the value of bitcoin below $30,000 occurred after a large amount of cryptocurrency entered the exchanges. The IntoTheBlock report states that since May 11, a total of about 40,000 BTC have been sent to trading platforms. As a result of a massive reset, the largest digital currency...


Bitcoin enters another phase of accumulation


Three Arrows Capital CEO Su Zhu commented on the position of bitcoin. In his opinion, the largest digital currency is entering a new phase of accumulation. The BTC exchange rate on Friday, May 20, strengthened to $30,144. Su Zhu pointed to several factors that signal a gradual change in trend. Over...


Chinese miners control over 22% of bitcoin hashrate


In May 2021, the Chinese authorities began to force miners out of the country. As a result, the computing power of the Bitcoin network collapsed to a minimum since 2019. If before China was the world leader in terms of bitcoin capacity, now American miners control the lion's share of the BTC...


Mike McGlone: Bitcoin Will Benefit from The Fed Tightening


Bloomberg strategist Mike McGlone commented on the fall of the stock market and digital currencies. In his opinion, the trend we observe is a direct result of the tightening of the monetary policy of the US Federal Reserve System. The expert expressed his position in an interview with Yahoo...

Kiyosaki Bitcoin prediction

Robert Kiyosaki Says Bitcoin May Fall to $17,000 and Lower


Entrepreneur, the author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", Robert Kiyosaki finds that Bitcoin crashing is great news. A recent tweet by Kiyosaki says that he continues to wait for BTC to crash to $20,000. The entrepreneur mentioned then he would wait for the coin to drop to $17,000. Kiyosaki plans...

Norway Bitcoin mining

Norwegian Parliament Said No to Bitcoin Mining Ban


Norway’s Parliament said no to the proposal to prohibit energy-intensive crypto mining in the country. The proposal was made by Norway's political party Rødt (Red Party) in March. Rødt finds that it is better to use Norway's natural power sources for other purposes than crypto mining saying...

China Bitcoin

Shanghai High Court Said Bitcoin Is an Asset Protected by Law


The Shanghai High People's Court has mentioned that Bitcoin is a digital asset protected by Chinese law, adding that the coin has economic value. According to local media, the declaration was made in connection with a court hearing. A person called Cheng Mou filed a lawsuit demanding that another...

Bitcoin El Salvador

El Salvador Bought the Dip Adding 500 Bitcoins


The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele announced that the country added $15.5 M worth of Bitcoins to its balance sheet at an average price of $30,744. El Salvador just bought the dip! 🇸🇻500 coins at an average USD price of ~$30,744 🥳#Bitcoin— Nayib Bukele (@nayibbukele) May 9,...

Bitfarms Bitcoin mining

Bitfarms Reported a 75% Rise in the Number of Mined Bitcoins


Toronto-based BTC mining firm Bitfarms issued an update for operations in April 2022. The company noted that 405 Bitcoins were mined which makes 13.5 Bitcoins per day on average. The number of mined Bitcoins went up by 75% from April 2021, and the mining hashrate reached 3.3 exahash per second....