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Binance pool 13.11.2020

Binance Pool Offers Free Eth Mining for 1st Month


Crypto exchange Binance has launched a new Ethereum mining pool with only 0.5% pool fees. Users can mine ETH with 0 fees for the first month. The pool practices the full pay-per-share way for reward payouts, distributing both block bonuses and trading fees to pool participants. After the first...

Ant group closed 13.11.2020

China’s President Stopped Ant Group’s $37 B IPO


China’s President Xi Jinping personally decided to stop the world’s biggest-ever IPO after Ant Group’s creator and China's second-richest man Jack Ma talked against the country’s innovation-oppressive financial management and banking system. Ant Group was supposed to be launched on November...

VeChain Jumps 23% Weekly

VeChain Jumps 23% Weekly during Post-Epidemic Discussions


VeChain is making progress out of China. VeChain (VET) rate went higher having a week of increases along with analysis with Chinese authorities based on a post-epidemic wellness reaction. On Wednesday VET grew 2%. Then, the cryptocurrency raised about 23%. Only 2 other top-30 assets NEM and...

Bitcoin new high 12.11.2020

Bitcoin Scores $16.000, New 2020 High


The leading crypto asset Bitcoin has surged to a new yearly record reaching $16.000. The price is up over 4% during the last 24 hours. This is the first time since 2018 Jan. 8 that the BTC price was that elevated. One of the reasons is PayPal allowing spending it on Oct. 21, after which the price...

YFI price 11.11.2020 Price Reaches $20.000 during DeFi Boom

by is one of the projects that profited most in the last 24 hours after a huge rally. It is up about 27% to price at $18,790. YFI has a market cap of $549.9M with a 24-hour volume of $783.95M. Lately, the decline beat a market lower at $8,000, enabling bulls to move their focus higher....

Uniswap community call

Uniswap will Consider Increasing Liquidity Mining Rewards


Successful decentralized protocol UniSwap has informed about informal community call will take place on Nov. 12 at noon. There will be discussed basic management subjects principal to Uniswap as well as the prospects of its liquidity mining details. A great number of DEX clones appeared trying to...

Binance news 10.11.2020

Binance Blocking U.S. Users from Accessing its Platform


Crypto exchange Binance has begun blocking U.S. users from accessing its exchange platform. The action comes more than a year after Binance first talked about in July 2019 that it would stop serving U.S. residents from September of that year. Until now, the exchange was still allowing U.S. users to...

Stanley Druckenmiller Holds Bitcoin

Stanley Druckenmiller Now Holds Bitcoin


Successful American Investor, hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller announced on November 9 about having bought the world's largest cryptocurrency. The billionaire says that BTC is a supply of value that becomes stronger and stronger during the time. He compared gold to bitcoin, saying the...

Ripple's Office in Dubai

Ripple Opens Local Office in Dubai


On November 7 Ripple disclosed that it has established a department in the Dubai International Financial Centre or DIFC. The crypto exchange firm apparently picked the place for its creative ways of control. Operating in the United Arab Emirates, the DIFC suggests blockchain organizations like...

Aave Scores 25% In a Day

Aave Scores 25% In a Day


DeFi bulls seem to return. One of the leading protocols AAVE has scored 25% in the past 24 hours alone reaching $159.1k. Thanks to this, the coin becomes the best-performing crypto asset in the top 100 by market capitalization. LEND is currently the #65 cryptocurrency by market cap at $5.2M. Note...

Figure Inquires State Bank Charter

Blockchain Startup Figure Inquires State Bank Charter


Bloomberg announced that Figure Technologies, the blockchain lending company founded by former SoFi CEO Mark Cagney, pursues a national bank license. The firm is investigating a national bank charter admitted by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. The assignment would lessen the...

Sygnum Initiates Staking and Rewards for Tezos

Sygnum Initiates Staking and Rewards for Tezos


The world's first regulated digital asset bank Sygnum informed about launching control, exchanging, lending, and staking options for Tezos blockchain’s XTZ cryptocurrency. The new staking utility suggests up to 5% yearly compensation for XTZ. Sygnum told it's the first time XTZ can be stored and...

BTC new record 06.11.2020

Number of BTC Addresses Reaches 824,193


As reported by Glassnode blockchain analytics firm, the number of Bitcoin wallets carrying at minimum one BTC has beaten a new high score. Now 824,193 BTC addresses hold at least one Bitcoin which rate currently is at $15.585. Today’s value exceeds the previous all-time peak of 824,160 marked on...

Coinbase lists new coins 06.11.2020

Coinbase Lists Three New Ethereum Tokens


Coinbase informed about listing 3 new crypto assets. Besides, the network allowed exchanging for 3 other crypto assets to New York lenders. Now the users can exchange Civic (CVC), Decentraland (MANA), and District0x (DNT) on the protocol. The first one is a decentralized ID protocol token. Mana is...

Lightning launches liquidity marketplace

Lightning Labs Introduces a Liquidity Marketplace


Lightning App, an establishment aiming to expand the Lightning Network, a Layer 2 payment protocol operating on BTC, has issued a retail store for liquidity. The protocol informed about the launch of Pool, “a non-custodial, P2P market” which will convert Lightning liquidity into a commercial...

Using Blockchain to Reduce Nuclear War Risks

Blockchain as a Means to Reduce Nuclear War Risks


Researchers at the Centre for Science and Security Studies at King’s College London have issued a report, where they analyzed "non-political" solutions for the problem of nuclear disarmament. From the moment nuclear armaments were created, they have been a major peril to humanity. ...

Digital Yuan Reaches $300 M

Use of China’s Digital Yuan Reaches $300 M


Yi Gang, the director of the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) told that more than 2 billion digital yuan has been spent in approximately 4 million separate activities. This is equivalent to just under $300 M. China’s digital yuan is one of the world’s most popular digital assets. As early as...

Australia a wholesale CBDC

Australia is Looking for Ways to Practice a Wholesale CBDC


The Reserve Bank of Australia builds a partnership to find out the opportunities of practicing a blockchain-based central bank digital currency in a wholesale form. Today the officials informed the bank will be cooperating with the National Bank, an Australian multinational bank CommBank, the fund...

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