DeFi TVL Surged Over $200 B First Time in History

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DeFi platforms hit $210 billion

Cryptocurrencies and the DeFi industry have seen massive growth in the first week of October. According to data aggregator DeFi Llama, the total value locked in DeFi platforms hit $200 Billion for the first time in history. Currently, the indicator stands at above $210.4 billion.

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Ethereum continues to dominate the sphere, with 69% of the TVL, which is over $143 bln locked in it. The leading platform built on Ethereum is the decentralized exchange Curve.

The second blockchain by TVL is Binance Smart Chain, with over $17.27 bln locked.

Other chains ranking in the top 10 are Solana, Fantom, Terra, Avalanche, Polygon, Waves, Arbitrum, and Klaytn.

The platform that saw the highest gains in terms of TVL this week is Fantom. It ranks 4th with over $9 billion locked in its smart contracts. This week, the indicator went up by around 298%.