Mirror Now Allows Decentralized Publishing for Everyone

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Mirror Protocol open publishing

Today, decentralized synthetic assets platform Mirror announced the opening of the publishing option to everyone. This means that instead of username and password, people need to connect their Ethereum wallets and that data is stored on decentralized storage.

Based on the Terra blockchain, Mirror was released in December 2020. It bridges crypto and traditional assets by tracking prices of real word assets and allows creating synths that reflect their prices.

The first product launched by the Mirror Protocol was a publishing tool. Till today the option was limited. Each week the community chose 10 content creators through voting with the platform's native token WRITE.

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With the update, the platform switched to open publishing. Users can publish, share and fund their works. As Mirror supports NFTs, posts on Mirror can be minted as Entry Editions, presenting collectibles at different price points.

Simply said, content creators can turn their works into NFTs and monetize them. The Mirror team said that new updates such as Ethereum Name Service, slug support and subscriptions,will come over the next few weeks.