MetaMask announces integration with Apple Pay

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It became known that the popular cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask intends to expand the list of services and opportunities for its customers. In particular, the statement says that the developers intend to add the integration of the Apple Pay payment gateway. This will diversify the list of supported methods for purchasing digital assets for Apple gadgets holders.

Based on the statement that appeared on the official MetaMask Twitter account, thanks to these innovations, iPhone users will finally be able to start buying cryptocurrency almost directly. That is, gadget holders will be able to purchase digital assets through credit and debit cards linked to their Apple Pay accounts.

Among other things, in a press release from ConsenSys, which owns the crypto wallet, it is said that thanks to such a large-scale update, users of the MetaMask application will be able to buy digital assets not only for dollars and euros but also for 68 more fiat currencies.

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“This is a breakthrough. We have been working for a long time to improve and simplify the process of buying cryptocurrencies for our customers. Our new partnership will enable millions of Apple users to purchase virtual currencies in the fastest and most secure way.

The statement also indicates which cryptocurrencies citizens will be able to start buying through Apple Pay very soon. According to official data, through Mastercard cards, users will be able to purchase the second-largest cryptocurrency by capitalization - ETH. The developers focused on the fact that at the beginning there will be some restrictions - in one day it will be possible to buy ether for an amount not exceeding $400. In the future, it is specified in the statement, the limit can be significantly increased.

In addition to Ethereum, the press release says, it will be possible to purchase several popular stablecoins using cards linked to Apple Pay. We are talking about Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), and Dai (DAI). It is known from the MetaMask message that the number of commissions when buying coins will depend on the payment method and the location (country) of each specific user.