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MicroStrategy News and Articles


MicroStrategy additionally bought 1,434 BTC for over $80M


Business analytics software provider MicroStrategy acquired an additional 1,434 BTC for about $ 82.4 million. According to the report, the average purchase price was approximately $ 57,477. Trades were made between November 29 and December 8, 2021. The funds spent correspond to the proceeds that...

MicroStrategy Purchases Bitcoin

MicroStrategy Bought 7002 Bitcoins


Software company MicroStrategy announced acquiring 7.002 Bitcoins worth around $414 M on November 29. The average price of the coin was $59,187, including fees and expenses. Currently, the company holds about 121,044 BTC purchased for nearly $3.57 billion at an average price of $29.534 per coin....

MicroStrategy Bitcoin

MicroStrategy Reported Results of Q3, 2021


BI firm MicroStrategy reported the results of Q3, 2021. As noted in the paper, published on October 28, the company showed progress in the third quarter coming from both actionable and digital asset policies. The demand for Microstrategy's cloud service solutions has grown. Michael Saylor, the CEO...

MicroStrategy purchases more Bitcoin

MicroStrategy Purchases Another 5050 Bitcoins


On September 13, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor revealed that the firm added 5050 more Bitcoins to its holdings. The deal was done for around $242.9 M in cash with an average BTC price of $48.099. MicroStrategy has purchased an additional 5,050 bitcoins for ~$242.9 million in cash at an average...

MicroStrategy Bitcoin Investment August 2021

MicroStrategy Purchased Another $177M of BTC


Michael Saylor, CEO of the enterprise analytics and software solutions entity MicroStrategy revealed another Bitcoin purchase today. The company acquired 3.907 coins for $177 M paying $45,294 per BTC on average. Thus, MicroStrategy's Bitcoin holdings reached 108,992 units with an average price of...

MicroStrategy CEO

MicroStrategy CEO compares buying BTC to investing in FB


MicroStrategy software company is currently on the list of the largest cryptocurrency holders. Moreover, this giant is investing in bitcoin, despite the periodic collapses of the coin. MicroStrategy CEO Michael Sailor said that buying bitcoin is reminiscent of investing in Facebook stock in the...

MicroStrategy Q2 report

MicroStrategy Will Continue to Invest in Digital Assets


Virginia-based publicly traded enterprise intelligence software firm MicroStrategy reported the results of Q2, 2021 on July 29. As stated in the report, on June 30, 2021, the value of MicroStrategy's digital assets was over $2 B. The company now owns around 105,085 bitcoins. This indicates a $689.6...

Capital Group MicroStrategy shares

Capital Group Buys 12% Stake in BTC-Exposed MicroStrategy


California-based major financial services company Capital Group has acquired a 12.2% stake of enterprise-intelligence software firm MicroStrategy’s (MSTR) common stock. Particularly, the company's division Capital International Investors (CII) purchased 953,242 shares of 7,782,568 outstanding,...

MicroStrategy owns over 100.000 Bitcoins

MicroStrategy Bought Additional 13,005 Bitcoins for $489 M


Enterprise analytics company MicroStrategy revealed buying 13,005 bitcoins for $489 M. The company's CEO Michael Saylor tweeted that currently, the company owns over 100.085 BTC purchased for around $2.7 B at an average price of about $26,080 per coin. MicroStrategy has purchased an additional...

Michael Saylor

MicroStrategy CEO spoke about the future of cryptocurrencies


MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor described the role of cryptocurrencies in the digital future world and explained the company's business strategy. Answering the question of why the developer of analytical software for business continues to buy bitcoin, he noted that this has become one of the...

MicroStrategy BTC

MicroStrategy Began $400 M Private Offering to Buy More BTC


On June 7, enterprise analytics and software solutions entity MicroStrategy revealed starting to receive $400 M via a private offering of senior secured notes. The goal is to use the net income from the sale to increase its Bitcoin holdings. MicroStrategy Announces Proposed Private Offering of...

MicroStrategy $15 M Bitcoin

Second Time in May MicroStrategy Reveals Major BTC Purchase


Today, May 18, business intelligence company MicroStrategy announced another major Bitcoin purchase. The company purchased 229 BTC for $10 million. Currently, MicroStrategy's bitcoin holdings are about 92,079 units traded for over $2.2 billion at an average price of 24,450. MicroStrategy has...

MicroStrategy Bitcoin Investment

MicroStrategy Acquires 271 Bitcoins for $15 M


On May 13 Virginia-based business analytics firm MicroStrategy revealed acquiring 271 Bitcoins for $15 M. The average cost of one unit was about $55.387. The company's CEO Michael Saylor informed that overall MicroStrategy holds around 91,850 bitcoins purchased for about $2.241 B. MicroStrategy...

Microstrategy board of directors

MicroStrategy's Board of Directors to be Paid in BTC


The CEO of the Business intelligence company MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor announced via tweet that the board of directors now get fees in BTC. The Board of Directors of @MicroStrategy is now paid in #bitcoin. $MSTR— Michael Saylor (@michael_saylor) April 12, 2021 ...

HSBC MicroStrategy

HSBC Bans Trading MicroStrategy Stocks for BTC Investments


British international banking and financial services provider HSBC informed the customers about the change of its policy concerning virtual currencies and relevant products. Therefore, MicroStrategy is viewed as one of them and is banned on the institution's online trading platform — HSBC...

Microstrategy investment April

MicroStrategy Invested Another $15 M in BTC


Another time, business analytics platform Microstrategy invested $15 million in Bitcoin by acquiring 253 coins. The company announced the news via a blog post on April 5. Thus, the total sum of the firm in BTC surpassed $5.4 B. Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy wrote on Twitter that the...


MicroStrategy continues to buy bitcoins


MicroStrategy's management continues to ramp up its bitcoin investment. According to its CEO Michael Saylor, his team recently bought another 252 BTC at $ 57,140 per coin. Sailor posted similar statements on Twitter before. At the moment, a total of 91,330 bitcoins are under the control of...

MicroStrategy $10M BTC

MicroStrategy Purchases 205 BTC valued at $10 M


Business analytics and mobility software MicroStrategy, which is a big Bitcoin investor bought 205 Bitcoins for $10 M, paying around $48,888 per coin. The CEO of the enterprise Michael Saylor posted about the trade on Twitter. MicroStrategy has purchased an additional ~205 bitcoins for ~$10.0...

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