MicroStrategy Will Continue to Invest in Digital Assets

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MicroStrategy Q2 report

Virginia-based publicly traded enterprise intelligence software firm MicroStrategy reported the results of Q2, 2021 on July 29.

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As stated in the report, on June 30, 2021, the value of MicroStrategy's digital assets was over $2 B. The company now owns around 105,085 bitcoins.

This indicates a $689.6 M impairment loss since the purchase, as now the average price of one coin owned by the firm is about $19,518. MicroStrategy’s branch MacroStrategy LLC holds nearly 92,079 of the bitcoins.

The non-GAAP calculation, which means estimations done not according to commonly-followed accounting standards shows the market value of MicroStrategy’s current BTC capital as of June 30 to be $3.653 B. That expresses the coin's market cost at the time of the report which was $34,763.

Doing accounts this way, the digital asset original value or purchase price was $2.741 B or $26,080 per BTC.

For Q1, 2021 MicroStrategy's revenue was $125.4 M, 13.4% more than for the same interval of 2020. The company's CEO Michael Saylor announced the institution will carry on investing in digital assets. Saylor is a big supporter of Bitcoin, praising the coin in his Tweets multiple times. MicroStrategy is a major BTC investor.