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Coinbase crypto

Coinbase Users Had Difficulties While Withdrawing Funds


Users of the crypto exchange Coinbase were reporting difficulties while withdrawing holdings amid the significant fall in crypto prices. On May 12, Coinbase Support tweeted that the team is aware that some customers are having issues trading and using accounts on Coinbase and Coinbase Pro. The...

Brian Armstrong Apple App Store

Coinbase CEO Says Apple's App Store Isn't Crypto-Friendly


Co-founder and the CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong finds that Apple's App Store rules have made it difficult to realize the product's roadmap. Armstrong accused Apple of banning features from their application. He also said that Apple isn't friendly with the crypto sector in general as in many...


Coinbase Announces Testing of Its Own NFT Platform


The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, Coinbase, has announced the start of beta testing of its own NFT platform. As of today, it is known that more than 8M users who have already pre-registered are waiting for the launch of a platform for trading non-fungible tokens. Coinbase...


Coinbase Suspends Payment Services in India


The largest US cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, which recently launched its trading platform in India, has reported pressure from local regulators. Against the background of the resulting conflict, Coinbase announced that the provision of certain payment services is going to be suspended. As of...

Coinbase India

Coinbase Revealed Plans to Expand in India


Major crypto exchange Coinbase plans to hire more people in India by the end of the year. The company released a blog post on April 4, according to which the team intends to add 1000 new employees to the present 300 staff at its Indian tech hub, which launched in 2021. The Chief Technology Officer...

Coinbase Mercado Bitcoin

Coinbase Interested in Acquiring Mercado Bitcoin Parent Company


Leading crypto exchange platform Coinbase is in talks to buy Brazil's largest crypto exchange and unicorn Mercado Bitcoin owner 2TM. Brazilian news media platform Estadão reported on March 27 that the two companies have been holding negotiations from the past year, and they may announce the...

Coinbase blocks 25,000+ Russian users

Coinbase Blocks Over 25,000 Russian Accounts


Leading crypto exchange Coinbase announced blocking over 25,000 addresses that belong to Russian users. The company believes that the users were engaged in illegal activities. An article by the Chief Legal Officer of Coinbase, Paul Grewal, states that the platform is committed to complying with...

Brian Armstrong

Coinbase CEO ruled out blocking all Russian users


At the end of last week, crypto exchanges announced their withdrawal from the Russian market. The American platform Coinbase was also on this list. Last Tuesday, the press service of this company explained its situation. It reassured the Russians and stressed that the exchange would not block all...

Coinbase crypto report

Coinbase Generated $2.5 B of Net Revenue in Q4 2022


Leading crypto exchange Coinbase reported its earnings for the 4th quarter of 2022. After the publication, the shares of the company increased. According to the report, the company ended 2021 with strong performance across key metrics. The net worth of the company in Q4 2021 was $2.5 bln, the net...


Coinbase plans to significantly increase the staff in 2022


Until the end of 2022, the crypto company Coinbase Global, which owns the bitcoin exchange of the same name, plans to significantly increase its staff. The HR director's blog says that the company will hire about 2,000 more new employees due to the increase in the number of projects and directions...

Crypto ads Super Bowl

Coinbase's Super Bowl Ad Has Seen Unexpected High Traffic


Leading crypto exchange Coinbase released an ad amid SuperBowl in terms of the marketing campaign "Less talk, more Bitcoin." The platform offered to sign up and get $15 in free Bitcoin by February 15 and win $3 M in prizes. It appeared later that the ad was too popular, it knocked out the...

Binance Coinbase

Binance and Coinbase remain the most popular crypto exchanges


Coinbase and Binance continue to lead the ranking of cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of the number of visits. The Block Research division published a study in the middle of the week devoted to an in-depth analysis of exchange traffic. It says that traffic to marketplace websites fell by more than...

Coinbase Shopify CEO

Shopify’s Tobias Lütke Joined Coinbase Board of Directors


CEO of leading commerce platform, Shopify, Tobias Lütke, now is one of board directors at Coinbase. Lütke tweeted that he's excited to join Coinbase and respects what the company does. Excited to work with @brian_armstrong and team. Huge respect for what they build. LFG...

derivatives trading Coinbase

Coinbase To Acquire FairX and Offer Derivatives Trading


Popular crypto exchange Coinbase unveiled the upcoming purchase of FairX, a platform that delivers futures products. In a release published by the company, the team said that the goal is to provide derivatives trading, both for retail traders and institutions for all U.S.users. At start, the market...


Bitcoin whales activate on Coinbase


Despite the holidays, the Coinbase crypto exchange has seen high activity of bitcoin whales since the end of December. According to the analytical company Kaiko, the number of transactions with a large volume of BTC has been increasing on the trading floor since last week. As a result of the...

Coinbase DeFi yield farming

Coinbase Launches Yield Farming For Users Outside the US


One of the top crypto exchanges, Coinbase now enables users from over 70 countries to earn interest via Decentralised Finance (DeFi).The USA isn’t among those countries. In a press release published on December 9, the company said that users will be able to earn DeFi yield on USD-pegged...

Adidas Originals Coinbase, The Sandbox

Adidas Originals Partners With Coinbase and The Sandbox


Germany-based leading sportswear manufacturer Adidas announced a partnership with Coinbase. A few days ago, on November 22, the company tweeted about the collaboration with the blockchain-powered virtual world the Sandbox, writing about creating an "adiVerse" and what users and the...


Coinbase will consider integration with DeFi platforms


Coinbase is considering integrating with third-party DeFi apps. This was stated by the financial director of the company Alesya Haas during a fintech event organized by City. “We plan to eventually serve third-party applications as part of our core product,” said a top manager. According to...

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