Coinbase CEO Says Apple's App Store Isn't Crypto-Friendly

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Brian Armstrong Apple App Store

Co-founder and the CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong finds that Apple's App Store rules have made it difficult to realize the product's roadmap. Armstrong accused Apple of banning features from their application. He also said that Apple isn't friendly with the crypto sector in general as in many cases it rejects apps to get in the App Store but approves a competing one. That is a black box according to Armstrong.

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Apple’s attitude towards crypto has not been friendly as it doesn't allow a group of features that companies would like to have, the Coinbase CEO says. He assumes that there will be crypto-compatible phones in the future that may be really popular.

He says there's potential antitrust issues there.

In an interview with Superteam Podcast, Armstrong talked about different crypto aspects. He finds that banks and crypto companies will coexist as they are both demanded.

Earlier this month, Coinbase announced that it is expanding in India and plans to hire more people.