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Bitcoin mining News and Articles


China to begin to fine state-owned companies continuing BTC mining


The government of the People's Republic of China intends to impose harsh penalties on government agencies that continue to mine digital assets in the short term. The authorities want to speed up the process of the complete eradication of cryptocurrencies from all areas of activity. As of today, the...

Bitcoin mining USA

USA Becomes the Biggest Bitcoin Mining Hub


After China's ban on crypto mining, released in May, the USA became the leader of BTC mining. A study by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance shows that the BTC mining hashrate of China dropped from 44% to 0% between May and July. In 2019, three-quarters of the world’s hashrate came from...

Gustavo Petro about Colombia, Bitcoin and cocaine

It’s Better to Mine BTC Than Produce Coca: Gustavo Petro


Former mayor of Bogota, Colombian politician, and presidential candidate Gustavo Petro finds it will be beneficial for the country to follow the example of El Salvador and mine BTC using natural resources. On October 1, the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele announced that the country started...

Iran restarts bitcoin mining

BTC Mining Restarts in Iran After a 3-Month Ban


Iranian authorities will enable licensed crypto miners to restart activities after a temporary ban announced by ex-president Hassan Rouhani on May 26, 2021, local media informs. Iran halted crypto mining due to extreme heat (around 120° F or 49° C), which caused power interruptions and a lack of...

Riot blockchain revenue

Riot Blockchain's Q2 Revenue Up 1500% Compared to Q2 2020


Colorado-based BTC mining company Riot Blockchain announced the results of the second quarter of 2021. The press release issued on August 23 indicates that the company's mining revenue reached $31.5 M which means a 1540% growth compared to last year's $1.9 M. 70% of the revenue, which is $19.3 M,...

Bitcoin hashrate goes up

BTC Hashrate Starts to Recover


The hashrate of Bitcoin which fell significantly after the China mining crackdown, started to recover, going up by around 15%. Hashrate indicates the amount of computing power used in a second for BTC mining. The seven-day moving average of BTC hash rate reached 100 exahashes per second (EH/s)...

Nuclear power bitcoin mining

Nuclear-Powered BTC Mining to Start in Ohio in December


Power producer and retail energy provider Energy Harbor Corp revealed a cooperation with BTC mining hosting firm Standard Power to build nuclear-powered BTC mining. The mining processes will start this December. To realize the idea, Standard Power will turn a former paper factory in Ohio city...

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty at the lows

BTC Mining Difficulty Sees The Largest Fall Ever


Data from Glassnode reveals that the BTC blockchain faces the largest decline since its creation. The mining difficulty of the coin went down by around 28% at block 689,471 on July 2. #Bitcoin mining difficulty just saw its largest downward adjustment in history: -28%

Gemini Green Bitcoin

Gemini Trust Purchased About $4 M to Offset Carbon Emissions


Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss's crypto platform Gemini Trust traded nearly $4 M in credits to help offset the carbon impact of the BTC it holds in custody. On June 24, the exchange released a blog post about the undertaking "Gemini Green" informing about a $4 M contribution to the...

BTC mining China Kazakhstan

After Clampdown, Chinese Mining Companies Move to Kazakhstan


Crypto mining businesses in China are considering alternatives after the government banned their activities. A leading cryptocurrency mining enterprise BIT Mining is moving the equipment to Kazakhstan. The first stack consisting of 320 pieces of equipment with a technical total hash rate potential...

Bitcoin hashrate falls

Bitcoin Hashrate Fell at 103.34 EH/s


According to data provided by the mining calculator CoinWarz, the Bitcoin hashrate fell at 103.34 EH/s. Hashrate is an important indicator of BTC performance as it reflects the value of how many hashes are being produced by miners attempting to solve a BTC block. So, it depends on the mining...

Argentina crypto mining

BTC Mining Expands in Argentina Due to Cheap Energy


Affordable government-supported power supply in Argentina opens more BTC mining opportunities allowing to mine from home. Generally, BTC mining is growing in places with low utility prices as it brings more income. As for Argentina, experts say the new policy adopted by the government can be used...

Genesis mining grows

Genesis to Buy $94 M Worth of Mining Equipment From Canaan


BTC mining firm Genesis has ordered machines valued at $93.63 from computer hardware manufacturer Canaan. Particularly, Genesis is going to receive Canaan's most recent AvalonMiner A1246 model, which has a hashrate capacity of 90 tera hashes per second (TH/s). Currently, the BTC computing potential...

Bitcoin mining difficulty

BTC Mining Difficulty Reaches New Highs


BTC mining difficulty has gone up to new highs after a comparatively slower period of few months. Data reveals that the Bitcoin network's mining difficulty indicator reached 23.14 Trillion on April 1, 2:00 UTC. This is 5.82 higher than the previous record set on March 20. In terms of the...

Video consoler BTC mining

YouTuber Adjusted His Nintengo Game Boy For BTC Mining


A Youtuber with the nickname “stacksmashing” shared a video on March 27, where he converts his 30 years old 8-bit handheld video game console into a mining device for Bitcoin. Nintengo Game Boy was initially an electronic device for outputting a video signal or image to illustrate a video...


CoinShares has invested in sustainable bitcoin mining


Canadian mining firm MintGreen has closed a seed round of funding led by the venture capital arm of digital asset management company CoinShares. The number of attracted investments in MintGreen was not disclosed. The Vancouver-based company develops projects for environmentally friendly bitcoin...


Canaan introduces immersion cooled Bitcoin miner


One of the oldest manufacturers of ASIC equipment, Canaan Creative, has introduced a miner with an immersion cooling system - Avalon A1066I. #AvalonMadeLeveraging a mechatronics hardware design, the Avalon Immersion Cooling Miner offers a high degree of integration within single mining modules,...


Riot Blockchain warned about COVID-19's impact on BTC mining


Riot Blockchain, an American mining company, is experiencing “serious disruptions” in bitcoin mining operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Information about the risk was mentioned in the annual report for the SEC. Unlike the previous year, the “General Risks” section of the report...

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