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Twitter sees its future in crypto and announced launch of new feature


Based on the official statement, it became known that Twitter, which already uses NFT, has included a new feature in the list of available features. Users can now officially validate non-fungible tokens that are used for a profile picture. So, for example, if earlier a user, copying this or that...


Nirvana will sell a series of NFTs consisting of exclusive photos


In February, the famous American rock band Nirvana will launch a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT), which will consist of exclusive photos of the team. It should be noted that the presented photos were not in print and were taken before the release of the second Nevermind album in 1991....

Irene Zhao

Instagram model made a fortune selling an NFT collection of her photos


Popular Instagram model Irene Zhao recently launched a special Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) called IreneDAO, as well as a collection of native tokens, which caused a flurry of discussion in the NFT space. IreneDAO was launched on the weekend, but in two days the popularity of the...

The Gap

The Gap launches its first Tezos-powered NFT collection


Popular clothing brand The Gap has teamed up with production studio InterPop to launch its virtual collection on the Tezos platform. San Francisco-based retailer The Gap made the announcement recently, noting that users will be able to buy their brand's limited-edition digital hoodie. The company...


Indonesian student sells his selfies by turning them into NFTs


The other day, Ghozali Godzalo, an Indonesian college student, was able to sell a collection of his photographs, turning them into NFT tokens, for nearly $1 million. The collection consists of nearly 1,000 selfies he took from 2017 to 2021, between the ages of 18 and 22. It is worth noting that...

Pudgy Penguins

The cost of Pudgy Penguins NFT increased by 50% in just one day


Recently, many analytical business publications writing about cryptocurrency pointed to an unexpected rise in the price of Pudgy Penguins NFT. The cost of non-fungible tokens of this project increased by 53.6% in just a day. Experts attribute this to the fact that an indefatigable scandal has...


CoinGecko releases NFT book for beginners


CoinGecko analytical service has released a book "How to NFT" in English for newcomers to the cryptocurrency industry. “Just as DeFi revolutionized finance, NFTs are designed to be a game-changer for a new generation of artists, musicians, and gamers,” said CoinGecko co-founder Bobby...


The world's first SMS was sold at an NFT auction


A digital duplicate of the world's first SMS was traded at an auction in France. SMS with the text "Merry Christmas" December 3, 1992 programmer Neil Papworth sent the leader of the British mobile operator Vodafone Richard Jarvis. An NFT lot includes a copy of the authentic communication...

Bored Ape

Bored Ape Yacht Club token was sold for almost $1.4M


The owner of the non-fungible token (NFT) Bored Ape Yacht Club #9452 sold it at 4337 times the purchase price - for 347 ETH. “I bought my monkey for 0.08 ETH on minting night and just sold it for 347 ETH. I can't find the words right now. I'm crying. Thanks to the Bored Ape Yach Club for...


PepsiCo announces its first NFT collection


PepsiCo has announced the Pepsi Mic Drop NFT collection on Ethereum. Tokens will be received by members of the waiting list, registration for which will open on December 10. The collection consists of 1,893 tokens - in honor of the year the company was founded. According to the press release, the...


FreeRossDAO acquires NFT collection of Silk Road founder Ulbricht


Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) FreeRossDAO has acquired the NFT collection of the founder of the Silk Road darknet marketplace Ross Ulbricht. The winning bid on the SuperRare platform auction was 1,446 ETH. The auction was won by user yfimaxi. In a conversation with Decrypt, a...


People's Bank of China intends to track NFT


After China decided to stop all sorts of activities related to cryptocurrencies, a "big road" opened up for the NFT market because all traders redirected their interest to trading non-fungible tokens. It would seem that the main threat that the authorities saw in digital assets is already...

South Korea

South Korean has no plans to regulate the NFT market


The NFT token market is not of interest to the Korean authorities. The country's Financial Services Commission (FSC) does not consider such instruments as assets and will not impose a specific regulatory framework for them. The NFT ecosystem has been growing steadily over the past few days. Show...


Nifty's to release NFT based on The Matrix: Resurrection movie


Social media platform Nifty's will release non-fungible tokens (NFT) based on The Matrix Resurrection movie in collaboration with Warner Bros. According to Variety, the collection includes 100,000 unique avatars of characters living in The Matrix, but not the main characters in the film. The start...

Grammy Awards

OneOf to release NFT for Grammy Music Awards


The non-fungible token music platform OneOf has announced a partnership with the US National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. As part of the agreement, the project will issue NFTs for the 64th, 65th, and 66th annual Grammy Awards. OneOf bills itself as a "green NFT platform" based...


A license plate with NFT was put up for sale for 5888 ETH in US


The state of California sells a physical license plate with the letters "MM" paired with an NFT that is on display on the OpenSea marketplace. The cost of the kit is 5888 ETH. In 2017, local authorities allowed license plate owners to resell them. In California, two to seven characters...


Ant Group and Tencent distanced themselves from the term "NFT"


Chinese tech giants Ant Group and Tencent have changed the term “non-fungible tokens” (NFT) to “digital collectibles” on their platforms and sites. At AntChain Fan Tablet, assets are now defined as “virtual digital goods”. Tencent's Magic Core platform, which is considered China's...

NFT crystals from the platform sold for more than $4M


The platform sold out the NFT collection Organic Growth: Crystal Reef from artists Michael Joo and Danila Krivoruchko in three days, earning more than $ 4 million. According to the creators of the collection, the final appearance of each of the crystals depends on the history of the...