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BIZpaye (CRYPTO) News

Anthony Di Iorio quits crypto

Ethereum Co-Founder Anthony Di Iorio Quits Crypto


In a recent interview, Ethereum co-founder Anthony Di Iorio said he's freezing his main connections to the crypto sector. The entrepreneur is selling his current blockchain-focused innovation hub Decentral to establish a non-profit organization in the coming year. Di Iorio says he wants to be...

Binance stock tokens stops

Binance No Longer Supports Stock Tokens Because of Restrains


Major crypto platform Binance released a blog post saying it ceases support for stock tokens. As the company reports, users that presently own stock tokens, may sell or store them till October 14. The news came amid regulatory issues that the firm has been...

PayPal crypto purchase

PayPal's Crypto Purchase Limit Up from $20,000 to $100,000


On July 15, American payments company PayPal released an article, announcing changes in the crypto purchase policy. Now, US-based users are allowed to purchase up to $100,000 in crypto weekly with no annual buying limitation. PayPal says the changes aim to offer clients more options and flexibility...

Square builds new crypto platform

Square To Build a New Platform for DeFi Operations


American financial services firm Square's CEO Jack Dorsey unveiled the building of a new platform TBD, which will deliver non-custodial, publicly available DeFi services. The network will join Seller, Cash App, Tidal and will maninly target BTC. Square is creating a new business (joining Seller,...

China mining crypto prices

Crypto Market in Red While China Expands Mining Crackdown


Most cryptocurrencies have seen price declines after China’s Anhui province revealed plans to ban crypto mining on July 14. Anhui was the latest region to take such measures. Authorities announced the reason was growing electricity demand and power supply shortage for the last three years....

S&P Dow Jones new crypto indexes

S&P Dow Jones to Add Another 5 Crypto Indexes


New York-based financial market insights provider S&P Dow Jones has released another 5 crypto indexes. According to the article published by the company on July 13, the primary addition is the S&P Crypto Broad Digital Market Index (BDM). It tracks around 250 cryptocurrencies. The other 4...

Australia SelfWealth Crypto

Australia-Based SelfWealth Plans to Offer Crypto Trading


Melbourne-based share trading platform SelfWealth included crypto trading in its 2021 roadmap. Today, July 12, the company published a blog post, where it revealed looking for a partnership with an experienced and reliable crypto exchange to start crypto trading on its platform. SelfWealth...

TikTok crypto promotion

TikTok Disallows Crypto Advertisements


Widely popular social media app TikTok has reviewed its branded content policy. In a list of prohibited promotions, the app mentioned financial services, including cryptocurrencies. This also refers to lending and management of money assets, forex trading, loans, and credit cards, buy now pay...

Biden Putin talk

Biden and Putin Discussed Acting On Bitcoin Ransomware


White House announced that US president Joe Biden had a phone talk with Russia's President Vladimir Putin on July 9. The subject was ransomware attacks from Russia-based gangs that occurred recently. Biden said the US finds Russia must take measures against the cybercriminals when the US gives them...

Binance expanding

Binance Has a New Compliance Head Along with Other Employees


Major crypto exchange Binance has shared the news of expanding its compliance team amid regulatory issues. Binance's new Director of Compliance is Jonathan Farnell. The exchange aims to develop the scope of its regulatory product, among them regulated e-money and crypto-asset services. Farnell...

Visa BlockFi rewards Bitcoin

Visa & BlockFi Present BTC Rewards Credit Card


Crypto financial operations enterprise BlockFi issued its BTC returns credit card. The initiative of the card was first mentioned at the end of 2020. At that time, the waiting list was opened. Currently, the process of approving customers from the list has begun. BlockFi's card offers users to...

China crypto regulations

In China Closed a Tech Firm That Might Be Involved in Crypto


China's Central Bank ordered the shut down of the software firm Beijing Qudao Cultural Development Co, saying it may provide crypto services. Authorities ordered the firm to cancel operations, also deactivating the website. According to Chinese law, Beijing-based companies are disallowed to...

Robinhood IPO crypto

Robinhood Files for Initial Public Offering


On July 1, California-based financial services company Robinhood filed for IPO with the US SEC. The news came one day later after being fined $70 M by Wall Street's industry regulator. Despite the fine and lawsuits, the platform has been growing. Currently, it holds over $80 M in assets and the...

Elon Musk memes Dogecoin

Elon Musk Post Another Doge-Related Tweet


Today, July 1, business magnate Elon Musk tweeted about his favorite cryptocurrency Dogecoin, again. Particularly, he wrote, "Release the Doge" as a description of the meme that depicts a photo of the popular movie "Godfather". The changed words of Godfather are "You came...

Crypto Worldcoin

A Startup That Scans EyeBall and Gives Crypto Raised $25 M


American entrepreneur, the CEO of AI study and deployment company, OpenAI, Sam Altman presents a new startup, "WorldCoin" with two partners, Alexander Blania and Max Novendstern. The project gives a new type of crypto coin to every person. It needs to scan the people's eyeballs to provide...

BNY Mellon crypto

A BNY Mellon Unit Has Different Crypto View From the Bank


American major bank BNY Mellon says it's the primary international bank to enable customers to hold, exchange and issue digital currencies. However, one of the bank's fund management branches doesn't quite agree with the company's crypto strategy. BNY Mellon's subsidiary Insight Investment which...

Coinbase plans a crypto app store

Coinbase Plans to Launch a Crypto App Store


Leading cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase has revealed plans to create a crypto app store presenting third-party developed products. On June 30, the company published a blog post, where Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong shared the plans also talking about the path crypto and DeFi have been...

India crypto investments

Crypto Investments in India from $200 M to $40 B in a Year


Data from Chainalysis shows that Indian's share of crypto investments has gone up to $40 M. Last year, the amount was $200 M. The youngest investors of the country are more tended to invest in cryptocurrencies than in precious metals. Over 15 million Indians are now purchasing cryptocurrencies....