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BIZpaye (CRYPTO) News

Mike Novogratz Bitcoin price

Mike Novogratz Assumes BTC May Fall To $38.000 Before Rising


In the last 7 days, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies saw a major decline, except for Chainlink LINK, Cosmos ATOM and some others. Bitcoin dropped by over 12%, and currently trades at around $42.400. The second largest crypto, Ether, declined by over 14%. Ether's price at the moment is...

Airbnb crypto

Airbnb CEO Says Users Suggest Adding Crypto Payments


Co-founder and CEO of e-marketplace Airbnb, Brian Chesky announced that the top suggestion by the platform's users is to have the option of crypto payments. On Jan. 3, the CEO asked on Twitter, if Airbnb would launch anything this year, what it would be. Chesky mentioned that there were various...

Kosovo crypto mining

Kosovo Halts Crypto Mining To Save Electricity


The government of the Republic of Kosovo told Bitcoin and other crypto miners to stop activities, while the country faces challenges with electricity. Kosovo local media Gazeta Express informs that the Minister of Economy, Artane Rizvanolli said that law enforcement suggests identifying locations...

Sam Bankman Field crypto future

Sam Bankman-Fried Expects Regulatory Clarity for Crypto


The founder and CEO of FTX crypto exchange, Sam Bankman-Fried, is optimistic about the future developments in the crypto environment. He finds that in 2022 the sector will see more regulatory clarity on a global scale, which will boost institutional adoption. In his recent interview with Bloomberg,...

Vitalik Buterin older crypto predictions

Vitalik Buterin Looked Back at His Older Crypto Predictions


Crypto billionaire, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin shared his previous articles written over a decade, where he expressed his views on various aspects of the blockchain industry and cryptocurrencies. On Twitter, Buterin wrote which predictions were correct, which ones were not, and what he...

Iran crypto mining winter

Iran Suspends Crypto Mining to Save Energy


Iranian Ministry of Energy decided to temporarily stop operations of crypto mining hubs. The reason is the high level of electricity usage in winter. Chairman of the country's power grid developer and operator, Iran Grid Management Company, Mostafa Rajabi Mashhadi talked about the adopted measures...

Turkey Erdogan crypto

Turkish President Erdogan Sent Crypto Bill to Parliament


The local media of Turkey says, according to the country’s president, Recep Erdoğan, crypto law is now ready and it’ll be sent to the Parliament with no setback. He revealed the news in a recent meeting with economics journalists. In his speech, Erdoğan said people will see the guarantee of...

Meta blockchain crypto

Meta to Add Blockchain Interoperability, the Future CTO Says


The next CTO of Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Andrew Bosworth, plans to build extended interoperability between the firm and blockchain protocols. As per a report by the NY Times, the source of which is an internal message from the executive, Meta is exploring possibilities to partner with...

Cynthia Lummis Bitcoin

Senator Lummis Will Present Crypto Bill in 2022


US senator Cynthia Lummis, who is a supporter of crypto, announced her plans to put forward a comprehensive crypto bill that will bring the industry clarification. The politician is in favor of including crypto in financial systems properly. A Bloomberg release says, the regulatory structure that...

Terra Luna new all time high

Terra LUNA Set a New All-Time High of Over $95


The native crypto of the Terra blockchain ecosystem, LUNA keeps rising. Going up by over 66% in the last 7 days, the price of the token surged over $97. At the moment, LUNA is the 9th largest crypto with a market cap of over $36 bln. Total value locked in Terra has gone up essentially, making it...

Donald Trump cryptocurrencies

Donald Trump Finds Crypto is Dangerous, Predicts an Explosion


Former US President Donald Trump’s crypto views haven’t changed. Lately, he once again criticized the sphere, saying it is very dangerous. He stated his opinion at the interview with financial journalist Maria Bartiromo on FOXBusiness. To Bartiromo’s question, what Trump thinks about crypto...

Binance DWTC agreement

Binance and Dubai World Trade Centre Partner to Boost Crypto


Popular crypto ecosystem Binance revealed having signed an agreement document with the world's leading business event center venue DWTC. The news comes a day later after the Dubai government revealed the DWTC becomes a place and regulator for virtual assets and cryptos. Binance CEO Chaopeng Zhang...

Dubai crypto

Dubai World Trade Center To Become a Crypto Hub and Regulator


Today, December 20, the government of Dubai published a press release, saying that the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) will turn into a comprehensive zone and regulator for digital assets and crypto. As the government said the statement includes digital assets, products, operators, and exchanges....

US congress stablecoins hearing

Stablecoins Hearing Held at the US Congress


The Senate Banking Committee discussed the sector of stablecoins in a recent hearing. Subjects of regulations and whether the assets are good for the economy or can lead to a financial crisis were raised. Four witnesses testified: director of financial policy at Open Markets, Alexis Goldstein,...

Crypto market December

Despite the Drop, Bitcoin Still Is 2x Up From 2020


Over the last day, the crypto market cap dropped by over 5%. Currently, it stands at around $2.13 trillion. Prices of most cryptocurrencies have seen significant losses in the last 7 days. The lowest price of Bitcoin in the last 24 hours, was $45,894.85 according to CoinMarketCap. In that...

Binance Singapore

Binance Singapore Will Be Closed, CZ Clarifies the Reasons


Today (Dec. 13) Binance Singapore has unveiled cancelling its application for a license to run crypto services. published a press release, saying the platform will fully stop functioning till February 13. In the announcement, the team informed that some functions are already unavailable....

Narendra Modi Twitter account hacked

Hackers Cracked Indian PM's Twitter Account


Attackers targeted the Twitter account of Indian PM Narendra Modi. On Sunday, Dec. 12, they spread fake news that India has adopted BTC. Also, the hackers wrote that the country acquired 500 coins to distribute to India’s residents. The office of the PM of India informed Twitter about the hack,...

Ark Invest Cathie Wood

Cathie Wood Continues to Be Bullish about Crypto


ARK Invest CEO and CIO Cathie Wood is bullish about the future of crypto, despite the current price decline. During a recent interview with CNBC on December 9, Wood shared her predictions. She reiterated her view that if more institutional investors choose Bitcoin, the price of the coin will...