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BIZpaye (CRYPTO) News

Crypto Cuba

Cuba’s CB to Allow Cryptocurrencies and Regulate Them


The Republic of Cuba plans to legalize and regulate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. On August 26, the country's states-issued news provider "Gaceta Official" announced Resolution 215. According to it, Cuba's Central Bank will establish new laws related to crypto. To advertise crypto,...

Solana surpasses $90

Solana (SOL) Reached a New All-Time High Surpassing $90


SOL, the native token of the Solana blockchain, updated its all-time high, breaking above $90 today. Over the last 24 hours, the price of the coin increased by around 8%, over the previous 7 days it went up around 14.5% . Solana was released in March 2020. Today SOL is the 10th largest...

Simon Nixon crypto investing

Billionaire Simon Nixon to Add His Crypto Investments


UK billionaire businessman, the co-founder and former deputy director of the popular platform for price comparison, MoneySuperMarket plans to add more BTC and other cryptocurrencies to his family office investments. During the interview with Bloomberg, the managing director at Nixon's Seek Capital,...

Three Arrows Capital Dogecoin

Three Arrows Capital CEO Su Zhu Supports Dogecoin


The co-founder, CEO, and CIO of the hedge fund manager Three Arrows Capital, Su Zhu supports Dogecoin, as it's easy to understand and captures the interest of blue-collar traders. Su Zhu expressed his opinion during the interview on “The Game Theory of Crypto Podcast”, where he talked about the...

Altcoins surge along with crypto market cap

Altcoins Surge, Ethereum Reaches a 3-Month High


Over the last 24 hours, the total crypto market cap has increased by around 2.7%, surpassing $2.17 trillion. Bitcoin surpassed $50.000 for the first time since May. Ethereum has surged over $3.362. The native token of the Cardano blockchain, ADA has come near to $3. Today, the coin reached a new...

Deloitte blockchain survey

Digital Assets May Replace Fiat in 10 Years: Deloitte Survey


This year’s blockchain poll carried out by major management consulting company Deloitte shows that 76% of the participants believe that digital assets will become a more common choice or replace fiat in the coming 5-10 years. As mentioned in the publication, the survey was processed from March 24...

Coinbase to add $500 M in crypto

Coinbase Will Add Over $500 M in Crypto to Its Holdings


The CEO of the popular crypto trading platform Coinbase, Brian Armstrong informed about the board decision to add $500 M in crypto to the company's balance sheet. Also, the firm plans to invest 10% of the entire profit in crypto with the possibility to expand the amount. We recently received board...

Robinhood Q2 results crypto

Robinhood Q2 Report Shows Crypto Trading Growth


Menlo Park-headquartered financial services provider Robinhood published the results of the second quarter, 2021. As the report released on August 18 shows, the app’s crypto trading has grown. In Q2, cryptocurrency trading brought the company 41% of its revenue. Over this period the firm...

SOL and LUNA new highs

Terra (LUNA) And Solana (SOL) Reaching New All-Time Highs


Native tokens of Terra and Solana blockchains reached new all-time highs. Two blockchains represent the DeFi sector and use layer 1 solution. The price of Terra's native token Luna has gone up by around 75% over the previous 7 days. Today it hit $26.58 on CoinMarketCap. The coin ranks 16 with over...

Crypto adoption survey

Vietnam Is the First by Crypto Ownership Among 27 Countries


Sydney-based fintech Finder, which is focused on financial products comparison, has issued a report on crypto adoption informing about the results of a survey carried out with 42.000 individuals from 27 European, Asian and American countries. The worldwide average for the percentage of people who...

Walmart hiring

Walmart in Search of a Crypto Product Lead


Major retail company Walmart posted a job on LinkedIn announcing it's looking for a digital currency and cryptocurrency product lead. The company mentioned that among the employer's responsibilities will be building a digital currency strategy and product roadmap. It was noted in the announcement...

Crypto market cap above $2 trillion

Total Crypto Market Cap Surged Above $2 Trillion


Increasing around 3.43% over the previous 24 hours, the total crypto market cap surged above $2 trillion. BTC dominance currently is 44.5%. The market cap of the leading cryptocurrency stands at $894.2 B. Its price has gone up by around 9.8% over the week. At the moment BTC trades at around $47.600...

Iran crypto exchanges

Iran Plans to Make Crypto Exchanges Legal


The regulatory authority of Iran, the Iranian National Tax Administration proposes to set a legislative structure for the taxing crypto trading networks. The announcement was made 2 months after the country's president Hassan Rouhani talked about a legal system for buying and selling crypto...

Coinbase Q2 report and revenue

Coinbase Q2 Revenue Surpassed $2 Billion


Leading crypto exchange Coinbase published a shareholder letter on August 10 reporting the results of the second quarter, 2021. The numbers are higher than estimates made by analysts. As Coinbase announced, the interval was strong with progress and diversification. The firm's net profit was $1.6 B...

AMC theatres bitcoin

US Movie Chain AMC to Allow BTC Payments by the Year’s End


One of the largest cinema operators in the world, AMC Entertainment aims to enable payments in Bitcoin for tickets by 2022. The company’s chairman and CEO, Adam Aron disclosed the news during the conference related to the company's Q2 results. He said that the chain aims to have a framework to...

Bitcoin surges over $46.500

Bitcoin Surged Above $46.500 First Time Since May 16


Increasing by around 18% over the previous 7 days, Bitcoin's price surpassed $46.500 for the first time since the May market crash. At the moment, the price stands at over $45.400 with a market cap of about $853.7 billion. Ethereum price has surged too. On August 7, it surpassed $3000. Today it...

White House crypto laws

White House to Support Minor Changes to Crypto Tax Proposal


The USA Senate is currently discussing an infrastructure project that includes crypto. A bill presented on August 2 offered to gather $28 M from the industry. That would be achieved via transaction records and new reporting rules for crypto brokers. The bill wasn't received well by everybody....

US Senate crypto plan

US Senator Rob Portman Presents Crypto Provision


A $1 trillion infrastructure bill is currently being discussed in the US Senate. The plan is meant to increase the US funds and make improvements in the country. Crypto, particularly its tax-reporting and transactions are a part of the bill. The provision aims to raise $28 B from the sector. Senate...