Digital Assets May Replace Fiat in 10 Years: Deloitte Survey

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Deloitte blockchain survey

This year’s blockchain poll carried out by major management consulting company Deloitte shows that 76% of the participants believe that digital assets will become a more common choice or replace fiat in the coming 5-10 years.

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As mentioned in the publication, the survey was processed from March 24 to April 10. The aim was to research and discover general approaches towards blockchain, crypto, and digital assets. Participants expressed their opinions about the industry and what impacts it may have.

Deloitte surveyed 1.280 financial experts from ten European, Asian and American countries. Respondents had at least general knowledge of the industry.

The results show that 81% of repliers find that blockchain is highly scalable and it’s been adopted widely. In the opinion of 73%, their undertakings must integrate blockchain and digital assets. Otherwise, they will fall behind competitors.

However, they mentioned several challenges that must be overcome. Among them are security, regulatory barriers and the current finance framework.

To the point referring to crypto, 43% answered their enterprises may enable payments in crypto. 45% noted they would issue tokenized versions of their assets.

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44% find crypto would make DeFi operations available for them. In the conclusion, Deloitte mentioned that digital currencies are fundamentally changing the banking system.