Cardano Broke Above the 20 M Transaction Milestone

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Cardano ADA 20 million transactions

According to Cardano blockchain explorer Cardanoscan, the number of total Cardano transactions surpassed 20 million, reaching 22.056.500.

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Earlier, on November 2, Cardano announced that the number of ADA wallets has surged above 2 million.

As the volume goes higher, Cardano developers carried out an upgrade, increasing the number of the block by 12.5%. Now, the block size is 72 KB to support more transactions in a second. Also, Plutus script memory got 12.5% larger to allow developers to build more complex solutions.

The native token of the Cardano blockchain, ADA has a max supply of 45 billion tokens, around 33.7 billion of which are in circulation. In total, about 23 billion ADA tokens are staked.

Currently, ADA trades at around $1.65 with a market cap of $55.2 billion. The highest price of ADA was reached on September 2, when it went up to $3.1.