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Name Price Market Cap Volume (24h) Circulating Supply
Uniswap Uniswap
$6.19 $4,666,778,890 $76,747,512 753,766,667 UNI
Avalanche Avalanche
$13.68 $4,240,715,614 $123,208,079 310,227,012 AVAX
Hedera Hedera
$0.389619 $4,058,394,108 $189,257,047 10,448,379,455 HBAR
Chainlink Chainlink
$7.12 $3,500,829,098 $284,208,636 491,599,971 LINK
Wrapped Bitcoin Wrapped Bitcoin
$17,016.33 $3,405,957,131 $60,998,228 200,045 WBTC
Cosmos Hub Cosmos Hub
$10.14 $2,968,055,595 $151,110,210 292,586,164 ATOM
Ethereum Classic Ethereum Classic
$19.53 $2,699,879,193 $104,362,714 138,250,039 ETC
The Open Network The Open Network
$1.80 $2,652,259,019 $10,271,138 1,473,591,411 TON
Monero Monero
$143.62 $2,606,313,002 $64,241,601 18,147,820 XMR
Stellar Stellar
$0.085959 $2,211,061,940 $46,975,462 25,722,141,993 XLM
Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash
$112.28 $2,161,356,987 $195,332,369 19,248,981 BCH
Quant Quant
$122.21 $1,775,709,442 $37,227,504 14,544,191 QNT
Cronos Cronos
$0.068967 $1,714,791,635 $35,523,585 25,263,013,692 CRO
Algorand Algorand
$0.233635 $1,664,921,095 $50,903,593 7,126,150,899 ALGO
Filecoin Filecoin
$4.58 $1,523,366,860 $89,831,092 332,038,124 FIL
ApeCoin ApeCoin
$4.17 $1,511,725,600 $228,932,233 361,250,000 APE
NEAR Protocol NEAR Protocol
$1.79 $1,492,910,426 $98,386,880 834,265,333 NEAR
Voyager VGX Voyager VGX
$0.420102 $1,486,170,635 $8,147,822 222,295,208 VGX
$342.80 $1,475,608,506 $13,046,666 829,385 CWBTC
VeChain VeChain
$0.019221 $1,393,771,734 $36,077,544 72,511,146,418 VET

Cryptocurrency Price Indexes

With the development of new technologies, there can be given a logical explanation for the emergence of cryptocurrencies. And if at the very beginning of their way (for now short, but, very promising), many looked at crypto coins with caution and disbelief, now not only well-known companies and banks started using blockchain technology, but some countries are actively implanting them into their economies.

The main problem of virtual money is an unstable course. Familiarize yourself with the history of any cryptocurrency, and you will notice how it was changing in short periods of time. How much will Bitcoin or Ethereum cost tomorrow? Even this question is difficult to answer.

However, the fact remains that an increasing number of people are interested in crypto coins, and this has a positive effect on demand. In order to simplify the task for you and all the “residents of the crypto world”, as traders, investors, ICO startups and miners, has developed a reliable platform, where you can get all the fresh data in our constantly updating charts. They include almost all cryptocurrencies, their prices, and additional information. So to never miss any important news about Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., leave your email for our newsletter, follow us on social networks and bookmark the website in your browser.