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Internet Computer

Internet Computer (ICP) price, charts and news



Internet Computer market data

ICP Coin Price: $7.50
ICP Market Cap: $929,669,959
ICP Circulating Supply: 123,949,677 ICP
ICP Total Supply: 469,213,710 ICP
ICP 24 Hour Volume: $173,889,756
ICP 24 Hour High: $--
ICP 24 Hour Low: $--
ICP 24h Change: -10.02%

What is Internet Computer?

Internet Computer is a blockchain network, that is publicly available and aims to deliver decentralized and more efficient internet with low compute costs. Being an extension of the internet, the protocol is fully based on dedicated hardware that are set up by separate sources globally. Via installing their code immediately to the Internet Computer's public internet, engineers can create websites, dapps, and other products. California-based stiftung Dfinity and its chief scientist Dominic Williams are behind the development of the Internet Computer. The company was established in 2016 and worked on the project for 5 years. Internet Computer is the primary blockchain that carries out operations at web acceleration with limitless capability. ICP is the in-built token of the network. It is a utility token launched on May 10, 2021. Just after the release, ICP appeared in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap. The coin allows users to take part in the protocol's government process. Staking ICP, users can add power computation for decentralized and traditional apps.

ICP price historical chart

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