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Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic (ETC) price, charts and news



Ethereum Classic market data

ETC Coin Price: $54.01
ETC Market Cap: $6,906,248,923
ETC Circulating Supply: 127,859,093 ETC
ETC Total Supply: 210,700,000 ETC
ETC 24 Hour Volume: $1,394,812,982
ETC 24 Hour High: $--
ETC 24 Hour Low: $--
ETC 24h Change: -0.28%

What is Ethereum Classic?

  An undiscovered hacker accomplished a tremendous attack on Ethereum and took millions of coins. This happened in June 2016. Afterwards, the Ethereum classic was created to make the initial system safer from frauds. One principal purpose of this fork was to return all invested capitals and also recover the reputation of the Ethereum. Ethereum classic’s coin is named Ether identically to the leading ones. These coins are equal in rates so they may be exchanged among shareholders. Operating on a blockchain Ethereum Classic is an open-source public system. It gives people multiple opportunities, so they have the capacity to send money to each other and also make complex contracts that won’t have an option of implementing modifications. The platform additionally supports the Ethereum Virtual Machine. It operates scripts via a worldwide network of nodes. The platform is thought to become the sequence of the initial Ethereum blockchain.

ETC price historical chart

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