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Stellar (XLM) price, charts and news



Stellar market data

XLM Coin Price: $0.118937
XLM Market Cap: $3,332,958,916
XLM Circulating Supply: 28,022,857,369 XLM
XLM Total Supply: 50,001,787,101 XLM
XLM 24 Hour Volume: $39,305,902
XLM 24 Hour High: $--
XLM 24 Hour Low: $--
XLM 24h Change: -0.40%

What is Stellar?

Running on a blockchain the Stellar is a distributed network which has an open-source ledger. Stellar was built to make a link among payment systems, cross-asset transfers of value and banks. Stellar’s original crypto coin is called Lumen (XLM). Jed McCaleb, who was a co-founder of Ripple, founded Stellar in 2014. Stellar’s goal is to reduce the time and price of digital transactions. As is a nonprofit company it coverts its costs in two ways: the first one is that 5% of all tokens are set aside for covering these costs and the second one is that the platform receives donations from involved people. The Stellar has its own special consensus algorithm which was created to make the platform more protected and decrease all the costly processes of regular blockchains. This algorithm is known as SCP and it has 4 key features: every transaction takes fewer than several seconds, there is no any central controlling authority, users are able to decide to trust a combination of parties or not and the last one is that protection is based on digital signatures, which parameters are harmonised to preserve system from any threats. In 2014 1 XLM cost was $0.002. The highest price of the coin was $0.9 in January 2018.

XLM price historical chart

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