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Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price, charts and news



Bitcoin Cash market data

BCH Coin Price: $126.32
BCH Market Cap: $2,443,969,487
BCH Circulating Supply: 19,347,425 BCH
BCH Total Supply: 21,000,000 BCH
BCH 24 Hour Volume: $149,409,943
BCH 24 Hour High: $--
BCH 24 Hour Low: $--
BCH 24h Change: -0.10%

What is Bitcoin Cash?

In 2017 a group of developers came to a conclusion that they want to enlarge the size of Bitcoins block. This modification took place in August 2017 and now it is known as a hard fork. It made Bitcoin’s blockchain divide in two. And this is exactly how Bitcoin Cash was formed. Bitcoin Cash is a P2P digital crypto coin. The connection among Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash made all Bitcoin holders Bitcoin Cash owners too. Yet there remain remarkable variations that Bitcoin Cash has, like inexpensive transaction fees, express transactions and increased amount of transactions in a second. These benefits are the effect of an enlarged block. In fact, Bitcoin’s block is eight times smaller than Bitcoin Cash’s block. As Bitcoin Cash is a newbie in the market it’s still using its chances to take a segment and all these advantages are making this coin more and more popular day by day. In November 2018 the story repeated and now the Bitcoin Cash was forked. The effect of this fork is two extra crypto coins Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin ABC.

BCH price historical chart

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