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Monero (XMR) price, charts and news



Monero market data

XMR Coin Price: $138.03
XMR Market Cap: $2,504,924,103
XMR Circulating Supply: 18,147,820 XMR
XMR Total Supply: 0.00 XMR
XMR 24 Hour Volume: $75,891,001
XMR 24 Hour High: $--
XMR 24 Hour Low: $--
XMR 24h Change: -0.04%

What is Monero?

Monero is a protected, open-source cryptocurrency. It’s called so because unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum this currency works with distinct cryptography to hide getting and transferring addresses and transacted sums. It was created in 2014. The title of token “Monero” directly implies “coin” in Esperanto. It differs from various Bitcoin derivative cryptocurrencies by using the CryptoNight PoW hash algorithm. XRM is a digital currency that allows inexpensive and accelerated payments all over the world. There are many different organisations that are already accepting Monero payments, like Azur Samui a deluxe resort in Thailand, Computer Lab a New-York city based analysis and software consultancy organisation, Lynx art collection that proposes unique items of art, City Map an organization that gives unusual and HQ map themed designer items for any space decoration, Gomojomarketing an enthusiasts society that works with startups and small businesses and gives them marketing consultations, designs a strategy, makes reports, Abaco Hosting a service providing organisation that suggests solutions of hosting and domains and many others. In October 2018 the protocol of Monero was updated and now it provides high-speed plus low-cost transactions, has immense privacy and ASIC miner protection. In 2014 the price of XRM was $2.47, now in April 2019, it reached $69.06.

XMR price historical chart

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