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IRS is mailing Tax Warning notes to digital asset users


According to the posts on social media, the Internal Revenue Service is directing crypto tax warning notes (dated August 14, 2020) to US taxpayers. This proves another time that the government makes efforts to take the crypto tax space under control. Some users published their letters online. The...

China ceases rumors of real estate trades with digital yuan

China ceases rumors of real estate trades with digital yuan


China ceases rumours of real estate trades with digital yuan. It is sure now that the statements with reference to digital yuan being used to purchase estate are false. From the moment of its appearance, being extremely popular digital yuan has attracted a lot of of users. At the moment, China’s...


Entire value locked in Aave doubled in just two weeks


Aave, which is one of DeFi lending protocols has been on fire recently. It introduced new features and as a result, the stock value was increased. The total amount locked in Aave reached about $1.3 billion (170%) from August, so it doubled since August 10. It's important to mention the rise in...

Nicholas Maduro

AirTM will distribute Maduro's seized funds among doctors


AirTM has been selected to distribute $18M to 62,000 healthcare specialists in Venezuela. The capitals that are associated with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro were seized by the US authorities. Venezuelan users have long formed a significant percentage of AirTM's customer base. The platform is...

Robert Kiyosaki

Kiyosaki warned of a new banking crisis and urged to buy BTC


The author of the legendary book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" Robert Kiyosaki announced the inevitability of a new global banking crisis. Moreover, the coming shock will be more widespread than in previous financial crises. "Investors need to accelerate the transition to "safe...

Zac Prince

BlockFi raises $50M investments with a valuation of $400M


BlockFi's crypto lending platform has raised $50M in investment led by Morgan Creek Digital. Other investors include CMT Digital, Winklevoss Capital, Castle Island Ventures, Valar Ventures, and two university funds. The organization gathered funds at a $400M valuation. BlockFi CEO Zac Prince said...


Grayscale: Bitcoin prepares for a historic breakthrough


The Grayscale Investments report says that the current situation of bitcoin resembles the situation of 2016, that is, preparation for a historical breakthrough. Fundamental indicators of BTC continue to improve, which is undoubtedly one of the key drivers of asset value growth. The authors of the...

ETC attack

ETC developers presented a plan to shield from new attacks


After a series of successful attacks on Ethereum Classic, the developers have prepared a series of proposals aimed at protecting the network in the future. The proposed innovations include short-term and long-term steps to reduce the risk of similar attacks and further develop the network....


Hyperinflation in Turkey sharply increased interest in BTC


Since the beginning of 2020, the Turkish Lira exchange rate has fallen by more than 20%. Local investors are in a real panic. They are massively buying gold and dollars. Inflation approached 12% on an annualized basis. The Turkish bitcoin exchange BtcTurk, together with the Istanbul University...


Coinbase reveals ERC-20 token listing criteria


The American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase explained in its blog what technical criterias it pays attention to before deciding to list an ERC-20 token. Nadir Akhtar, Blockchain Security Specialist at Coinbase, listed four criteria every ERC-20 token should have: verified source code; using...


BTC number on exchanges fell to a lowest since November 2018


A report from the Glassnode platform says that the number of bitcoins on cryptocurrency exchanges dropped to a new low earlier this week. At the moment, 2.61 million BTC are stored on trading floors, the lowest volume since November 24, 2018. Researchers remind that at the beginning of March until...


Illegal miners charged with $1.5M in electricity theft


Bulgarian law enforcement authorities arrested two men who secretly plugged mining equipment into the power grid. According to local media outlets, the hidden miners were charged with stealing electricity worth $ 1.5 million. The operation to arrest them was carried out in the small Bulgarian town...


Hashrate of Chinese mining pools fell amid prolonged rains


The prolonged rainy season in Sichuan has led to a sharp drop in the hash rate of the largest Chinese mining pools. More than half of the computing power used for bitcoin mining is currently concentrated in this region. Since last week, the region has been raining heavily, which has already led to...

Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff reiterates Bitcoin has no future


Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff continues to criticize Bitcoin despite the recent surge in cryptocurrency to $ 12,000. On Twitter, the financier periodically publishes posts criticizing BTC and calls it a pyramid scheme. At the end of last week, Schiff posted another post in which he noted...


DeFi blocked funds exceeded $6 billion


According to the analytical resource DeFi Pulse, $ 6 billion worth of cryptoassets is currently blocked in decentralized finance (DeFi) smart contracts. Back on Friday, August 14, this figure was $ 5 billion. The leading projects are Maker, Aave, and Curve Finance, with a total amount of blocked...


MyEtherWallet adds support for Ren and Aave DeFi protocols


The MyEtherWallet (MEW) wallet is expanding its integration with Decentralized Finance (DeFi). On Thursday, August 13, the wallet developers announced the integration with the Aave and Ren projects - they will use the MEWconnect system. MEWconnect is a wallet linking system that was designed...

Bill Barhydt

Abra CEO: The US government promotes the spread of bitcoin


The policy of the US authorities creates conditions for the large-scale distribution of bitcoin, according to the CEO of Abra, Bill Barhydt. He expressed his point of view during a conversation with Morgan Creek co-founder Anthony Pompliano. The attempt by the US government to give a boost to the...


Ethereum fees decline amid DeFi collapse Of Yam Finance


Ethereum transaction fees recently hit a new high. However, the collapse of the Yam Finance crypto project, deployed in the DeFi ecosystem, caused the cost of operations to fall. According to the ETH Gas Station service, Ethereum commissions are now about 60% lower than they were in the middle of...

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