Grayscale spoke about increased investor interest in Ether

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At the end of last week, the giant Grayscale, which controls digital assets, again reported an increase in capital investments in such instruments.

In the third quarter, investor interest in Ether (ETH) skyrocketed. The company's Ethereum trust in the reporting period increased by another $ 220 million. Currently, Grayscale manages ether for a total of $ 1.896 billion.

The value of all cryptocurrencies under the control of the giant has reached $ 15.5 billion. The lion's share of the capital is held in a Bitcoin trust ($ 13.076 billion), according to a report by Grayscale, published on Twitter on December 19.

Grayscale acquired 344,391 ETH last month. The total amount of ether managed by the giant is now about 2.94 million coins.

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The company's Ethereum Trust shares continue to rise in price, which also indicates the growing interest in this instrument from institutional investors. The rate of one security rose to $ 20.25.

The ether rate is still below $ 650. It is unlikely that in the coming months we will see a repeat of the race three years ago, during which the altcoin exceeded $ 1,345. However, taking the $ 700 mark by the end of this year is more than realistic, observers say.