BTC Price Reaches $25000

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BTC $25000

After hitting $24,000 about a week ago, now Bitcoin makes another record, surging $25000.

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Community members celebrated the event. Many Bitcoiners were waiting for the new heights as recent months have been pretty bullish for the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin proved itself to be resilient to corrections. The growth BTC made in 2020 is different from the case in 2017. Then, the volatility rate was pretty high, and the asset couldn't keep the price of $20000 long.

In 2017 the prevalent part of tradings made retail purchases. As for the current situation, both institutional and retail investors had a great impact.

The support for Bitcoin against the dollar has been increased notably. Many establishments have announced adding Bitcoin to their portfolios.

Besides, hodling becomes more common. Many analysts believe that 25000 isn't the limit for BTC. Will the asset reach $100000 within two years, keep the present rate, or decline? Time will show.