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DeFi News

DeFi is a big trend in blockchain technology nowadays, and it’s becoming more and more popular every month. If you are seeking the latest news related to decentralized finance technology, companies that have adopted it, and many other innovations, then you have come to the right place. Blockchain Today is providing readers with the most accurate DeFi news and not only. Subscribe to our newsletter not to miss the most interesting articles about this new technology.

R3 Corda joining DeFi

R3 Corda is Ready to Go DeFi with XDC Digital Asset


R3 Corda-based blockchain is about to enter DeFi producing XDC crypto tokens on its protocol. The virtual asset will help to access different DeFi apps working on Corda’s distributed ledger technology. The Cordite Society, a collaborative listed in the U.K., issued the XDC digital asset on public...

Dracula criticising SushiSwap

Dracula Points out SushiSwap Smart Contract Errors


A DeFi farming clone has unveiled features of smart contract bugs in another farming clone as they are doubled whenever the protocol is reproduced. Yield farming harvester Dracula Protocol has issued aspects on a smart contract bug in competitor DeFi program SushiSwap. The project was against...


Binance exchange fund $100M grants six DeFi projects


Binance is going to donate $ 350,000 to six DeFi projects that run on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. According to a press release, in September, the exchange launched a fund to support promising DeFi projects. “We launched a $ 100M stock that is going to fund the development of quality...

Coinbase earn Crypto 10.15.2020

Coinbase Offers Making Profit by Learning about Compound


Compound was listed on Coinbase Earn Crypto Tutorial Program. This suggests earning by studying the basics of lending and borrowing on Compound. Compound’s addition is another step to DeFi token consumers onboarding. It already has lessons on protocols such as loan service MakerDAO and...

Ethereum 14.10.2020

3.5 Million ETH Locked in Uniswap


There is already 3.5 M Ethereum (ETH) worth $1.35 B locked on Uniswap. At the same time, the cryptocurrency platform is about reaching $3 B mark of total USD liquidity. UniSwap has been on a roll since June. It is the leading DeFi protocol for a month. Data reveals a huge 96% of all activities on...

Investors will be able to analyze potential of DeFi projects

Investors will be able to analyze potential of DeFi projects


Many dubious crypto projects are launched in the DeFi decentralized finance market. That creates threats for investors investing in tokens. The platform partnered with the Gauntlet team to test a score for each DeFi project. With the help of such software, an investor can analyze the...


Innovative Portal Boringdao Raises $1.4 M


Boringdao is a decentralized crosschain linking Ethereum and separate blockchains. It's going to bring out the company’s bBTC tunnel in the near future to offer new symbolic BTC. The infrastructure offers the possibility for non-ERC20 tokens to increase efficiency and yield-powering results in...

Pantera Capital

Pantera Capital wants to enter the DeFi market


The management of the hedge fund Pantera Capital plans to enter the DeFi decentralized finance market soon. That was stated by Joey Krug, representing the investment division of the fund. He noted that at present, the lion's share of Pantera Capital's portfolio is concentrated in bitcoin. However,...

food tokens

The Chances of Ethereum Food Coins Coming Back


At the beginning of September, there appeared a number of tokens marked with a type of food: Pizza Finance, Tendies, Springroll Finance and multiple projects based upon almost any food existing. It's clear that the market got flooded instantly. This caused a decline in the price of these tokens...

DeFi has become a new trend in the world of blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Finance is always about tracking and analyzing, no matter if it's decentralized or centralized. Now, you have an opportunity of reading about innovations of DeFi technology, how can anyone make use of it, or how various companies are trying to get from DeFi all the advantages it has. 2020 is the year of DeFi. More and more companies are starting to implement this technology into their daily flow. That's why it is becoming necessary to be aware of the technology and its modifications. Our Cryptopedia will help you find out additional information about the DeFi technical side and other details. Find Blockchain Today on social media platforms to discuss the most interesting topics with our community.