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DeFi News

DeFi is a big trend in blockchain technology nowadays, and it’s becoming more and more popular every month. If you are seeking the latest news related to decentralized finance technology, companies that have adopted it, and many other innovations, then you have come to the right place. Blockchain Today is providing readers with the most accurate DeFi news and not only. Subscribe to our newsletter not to miss the most interesting articles about this new technology.

Mark Cuban article

Mark Cuban Released an Article About DeFi and Its Advantages


American billionaire investor Mark Cuban wrote an article related to blockchain technology and the DeFi industry titled “The Brilliance of Yield Farming, Liquidity Providing, and Valuing Crypto Projects". He stated that crypto businesses make more sense than people think and valuing tokens...


DeFi user activity weakened sharply amid falling market


Daily transactions in the DeFi market have dropped to their lowest levels since 2020. For example, the number of transactions on the UniSwap platform decreased by 28% compared to mid-May. The Glassnode report says that the volume of transactions in dollar terms decreased by 60% in two weeks....

Spartan group

Spartan Group launches $110 million fund to invest in DeFi


Singapore-based investment firm Spartan Group has launched a $110M venture fund to support DeFi applications. The general partner Jason Choi told about this. According to Choi, the Spartan Group initially expected the fund to be $ 30 million. The framework will place particular emphasis on the DeFi...

Alexis Ohanian QuickNode

Alexis Ohanian Leads Investment in DeFi Startup QuickNode


Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian leads investment in the blockchain development platform, focused on the decentralized internet, QuickNode. The startup attracted $5.3 M in seed funding headed by venture capital company Seven Seven Six, the founder of which is Ohanian. Earlier, the entrepreneur...

Pancake Bunny attacked

Pancake Bunny Lost $200 M as a Result of Flash Loan Attack


Today, May 20 Binance Smart Chain-based DeFi aggregator PanCake Bunny was attacked and lost $200 M in crypto. The hacker used a flash loan. After the exploit, the price of the BUNNY token fell significantly, by about 96%. PanCake Bunny's team announced the criminal's steps through several tweets....

bEarn Fi hacked

Cross Chain Yield Aggregator bEarn Suffers $11 M from Attack


bEarn Fi, an auto yield farming protocol based on Binance Smart Chain lost about $11 M as a result of the flash loan attack, which happened on May 16. Attacking bVaults’ BUSD Alpaca strategy, the attacker used flash loans and managed to steal over $10.8 M in the stablecoin BUSD. In DeFi, vaults...

Rari Capital

Rari Capital announced they'll compensate victims of hacking


Jai Bhavnani, head of DeFi project Rari Capital, announced the payment of compensation to users affected by the hacker attack on May 8th. This is stated in a post on Medium. According to Bhavani, the protocol lost 2,600 ETH (~ $ 10.6 million current). The project will transfer RGT tokens from the...

Rari Capital

Rari Capital lost about $11M as a result of hacking


An unknown person withdrew assets worth about $ 11.3 million from the Rari Capital decentralized financing protocol. Researcher Igor Igamberdiev noted that the attack was the first cross-network exploit - the attacker stole funds for it from the Value project, which is powered by Binance Smart...

UniSwap v3 launched on the mainnet

UniSwap v3 is Launched on the Mainnet


On May 5, major Automated Market Maker (AMM) UniSwap disclosed that the v3 is launched on the mainnet. The upgrade is the most optimized variant of the network with the Concentrated Liquidity offering. That means effective capital yielding for liquidity providers and a better framework for...


Hacker withdrew $30M worth of tokens from Spartan Protocol


A hacker attacked the Spartan Protocol DeFi project running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and pulled about $ 30 million from its liquidity pools. The hacker used $ 61 million in BNB tokens to attack. Spartan also said they are trying to recover the withdrawn funds and turned to Binance for...

Binance Chain DeFi TVL

Binance Smart Chain DeFi TVL to Reach Record Highs


The crypto exchange Binance and its native token BNB have been making new records. Data shows that the TVL (Total Value Locked) in DeFi on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has reached record highs standing at around $43 B. It's worth mentioning the noticeable growth of the decentralized exchange...


EasyFi lost $ 6 million due to a hacker attack


Hackers withdrew about $6M from the liquidity pools of the EasyFi landing protocol, which uses second-tier solutions from Matic Network (now Polygon). CEO and founder of the project, Ankitt Gaur, said that attackers gained remote access to his computer and took possession of the keys to the...


Venus BSC protocol funds exceeded $10 billion


The Venus DeFi Landing Project has a total value of Locked Funds of $ 10.4 billion. The next largest TVL project powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is PancakeSwap. His smart contracts are focused on cryptoassets for $ 8 billion. The total value of funds blocked in the BSC segment is $ 33.2...


Polychain supports DeFi social trading platform project


The Enso Finance project has raised $5M in investment. The round was led by venture capital firm Polychain Capital and Dfinity's Beacon Fund. Other contributors include Multicoin Capital, P2P Capital, Spartan Group, Zola Global, and The LAO. “The Enso platform allows for an unlimited number of...


Cardano wants to conquer the DeFi market


The explosive growth of the DeFi decentralized finance market in 2021 has attracted the interest of developers of almost all leading blockchains. Cardano (ADA) has decided to compete with Ethereum and Binance Chain, which are popular among DeFi application creators. Altcoin developers have...

Tom Brady NFT

Soccer Champion Tom Brady Introduces an NFT Project


American football legend Tom Brandy will release his NFT network named Autograph. The co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the project Dillon Rosenblatt told CNN about his decision on April 6. He said that Autograph will join many famous individuals and companies who will build and issue...


The volume of assets blocked in DeFi-protocols reaches $100B


The total value of frozen assets in the decentralized finance sector exceeded $ 100 billion for the first time. DeFi protocols on the Ethereum blockchain account for about 80% of the volume, projects on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network - about 15%. The leader in the rating is Compound with an...

Shopify DeFi

Shopify CEO Tobias Lütke Asks DeFi Advice on Twitter


Major e-commerce company Shopify's CEO Tobias Lütke posted on Twitter that he's looking for ideas concerning the DeFi industry. Hey #DeFi Twitter👋. What are the commerce related opportunities that you are most excited about? What role do you want Shopify to play?— Tobi Lutke...

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