Polkadot has a chance to appear in top 3 blockchain

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DOT value has tripled almost in eight days which proves again that this project can reach more.

Major cryptocurrency funds think that Polkadot hasn't revealed its whole potential yet and can become one of the top 3 cryptocurrencies. At the moment it's listed as the sixth-largest digital asset. Almost a week ago it was listed on Binance and later the value of DOT was tripled.

DOT has several advantages which make it outstanding. It doesn't straightly compete against the Ethereum but can solve the problem of high charges. Polkadot’s market capitalization is at $5.6 billion

DOT has been on a roll recently the projects and valuation making a huge progress. Not only strong technologies, but also smart contracts with their most enriched developers allow Polkadot to get ahead of other networks.

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Polkadot was established in 2016 by Web3 foundation. It enables blockchain networks to operate together. Being an easy blockchain innovation, DOT has all the chances to get more and more successful.