SushiSwap vs UniSwap. The new token showed great results

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SushiSwap has crossed $700 million in total value locked within three days of the project announcement. The token is considered to be an "evolution" to Uniswap. Let's compare these two protocols. The main difference is the governance token Sushi, which would be offered to liquidity providers. As for Uniswap, it doesn't yet have its governance token and offers collected trading fees. SushiSwap also allows users to trade the tokens or cast governance votes.

Uniswap is also breaking new records. The number one decentralized exchange protocol got ahead of Coinbase Pro's trading volumes for the first time.

Although Sushi token seems pretty promising, the analysts aren't very optimistic about it. First of all, SushiSwap's smart contracts aren't audited yet. The auditing is expected soon. Next, it was founded by anonymous developers. The users recently had a bad experience with a similar project named YAM, which was closed because of the critical error in the code.

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Taking into account all the facts and contradictory opinions about the new project, we can say that it's getting more and more exciting. At the moment it's better to consider all the risks before taking any actions.