FTX CEO will manage the SushiSwap activities

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SushiSwap management changes

Chef Nomi, the unknown author of the famous DeFi protocol SushiSwap, has assigned the project administration to FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried. Earlier, Nomi was a subject for criticism as he converted a part of SUSHI tokens reckoned to promote the advancement of SushiSwap structure, to ether (ETH). Many users and analysts started to doubt if SushiSwap isn't just a scam. Nomi found that the right decision in the created situation would be his exiting of the project. In his tweet, Nomi told he hopes the project will do well without him.

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Afterwards, the price of SUSHI increased by over 190% reaching $3.2. After getting the keys from Chef Nomi, Bankman-Fried described the plan on how the system will continue with its development. Things will remain completely decentralised as before. For that reason, several multi-sig controllers will be chosen.

Besides, Sam Bankman-Fried promised to return to the community the 5mm Sushi Nomi had sold from the dev pool.

Currently, the total value locked in SushiSwap is about $1 billion.