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Eight Successful DeFi Protocols join Defi alliance

Eight Successful DeFi Protocols will Collaborate


An association of western world's 8 leading DeFi platforms was created with the help of Shanghai science and technology establishment. The Open DeFi Alliance has informed about the commencement of a western wing and the integration of eight new entrant organizations. The association launched in...

Ethereum 2.0 ready to launch

Quantstamp Announces Ethereum 2.0 Ready for Launch


Smart contract auditing company Quantstamp has told that Ethereum 2.0 is almost ready for launch. The announcement followed Quantstamp’s finalized audit of Teku, the Ethereum 2.0 client developed by ConsenSys. Teku is a full Ethereum 2.0 client built to meet institutional needs and security...

Hackers attacked HArvest Finance

Harvest Finance was Hacked Losing $24 M


Hackers seized USDT and USDC stablecoins costing $24 million from Harvest Finance’s stablecoin and BTC pools. Harvest Finance, which is a yield aggregator supplies liquidity to other DeFi funds to make a profit for its liquidity providers (LPs). The attackers supposedly took advantage of the...

IOTA 10/24/2020

IOTA Confirms the Launch Testnet in Q1 2021


Iota, a popular blockchain project designed for the Internet of Things is getting ready to launch its distributed ledger. During a recent interview with IOTA’s founders, Dominik Schiener and David Sonstebo told some details about the IOTA’s development in the sense of Chrysalis phase 2’s...

Audio soars 1000%

AUDIO Token Soars 1000% After Being Listed on Binance


Meanwhile, DeFi industry keeps developing, investors are finding new presale options and new token listings aiming to earn huge interests in a short period. Anyway, sometimes this became the reason for heavy losses because of the number of what is known “rug pulls” effecting in investors losing...

CME Second Biggest Bitcoin Futures Market

CME Now is the Second Biggest Bitcoin Futures Market


The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) became the second major BTC derivatives trading protocol in open interest behind OKEx, supported by escalating formal requirements. The term open interest applies to the amount of the price of all extended and small derivatives deals that are intensively...

Chainlink price goes higher

Chainlink Price Goes up to 10% Higher


While the price of BTC has continued to be $13,000, Chainlink (Link) has increased by 10% in the past 24 hours. The coin currently trades for $11.93, which is its highest rate for many weeks. Currently, the altcoin is the leader in the top 10 cryptocurrencies, getting ahead of Bitcoin’s 1.5%...

Collider Labs hit $1 M

Collider Labs Hit $1 M Investment Period


A startup company for initial-stage cryptocurrency and blockchain-focused establishments, Collider Labs, has effectively hit a $1 million investment amount. The $1 M was raised after some additions like well-known limited partners, among them established blockchain executives, CEOs, founders, and...

Pay Pal joins crypto environment

PayPal Enables Bitcoin and Crypto Trading


PayPal has teamed up the crypto trade, informing that now its clients can purchase Bitcoin and other digital ventures via their PayPal accounts. Then the virtual assets could be managed to buy stuff from the 26 M traders which approve PayPal. PayPal aims to add buying alternatives in the US within...

Bahamas launches a CBDC

The Bahamas launches its CBDC


The Central Bank of the Bahamas has launched its own blockchain-supported central bank digital currency (CBDC), becoming one of the first countries on the global scale to formally issuing a CBDC. Named “Sand Dollars,” the tokens are cryptographic symbols of the Bahamian dollar, minted and...

China blockchain health

Blockchain Helps Macau Tourists to Check Their Health


The partnership of Macau’s blockchain-based healthcare data structure and continental Chinese wellness regulations permitted travelling through the territories to start over. FISCO BCOS, a Chinese non-commercial blockchain organization informed that physical state notes checked via blockchain...

Line in discussion with banks

LINE May Collaborate with Asian Central Banks


South Korean officials announced that Line Corporation is launching a blockchain network which will allow central banks to develop digital ventures. Currently, the Japanese messaging major organization is in discussions with Asian banks. LINE is a Japan-based branch of South Korean firm Navel that...

R3 Corda joining DeFi

R3 Corda is Ready to Go DeFi with XDC Digital Asset


R3 Corda-based blockchain is about to enter DeFi producing XDC crypto tokens on its protocol. The virtual asset will help to access different DeFi apps working on Corda’s distributed ledger technology. The Cordite Society, a collaborative listed in the U.K., issued the XDC digital asset on public...

Central bank of Canada

The Central Bank of Canada Taking Actions Towards CBDC


The Bank of Canada is going to hire an economist with a profound knowledge of financial operations and digital currencies. This is connected with the Canadian Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). According to the job announcement, the economist will be responsible for monitoring and analyzing the...

Filicoin facing difficulties

Filecoin Miner Strike Faces Difficulties


Recently launched Filecoin project is facing difficulties as miners use a token model for collective plugs, which isn't economically practicable. The long-waited Filecoin data storage project launched last week after 3-year since $250 M presale and ICO. A huge amount of Chinese FOMO advanced token...

BTC price analyze

Analyst Finds it Possible BTC Go up to $20K in 3 Months


Bitazu Capital establishing partner and crypto analyst Mohit Sorout thinks Bitcoin could rise to a new record high in 3 months when it gets out of the existing scope. The price of Bitcoin has been strengthening during the last months. According to Mohit Sorout's words, if the BTC breaks out...

Tesla + CXhainlink

Now It's Possible to Manage Tesla Car Using Chainlink


An outer adapter allows Tesla drivers to have access and change their status in Chainlink market. The system was developed in terms of Chainlink Virtual Hackathon by blockchain/DLT engineer Harry Papacharissiou. The prizewinners became known at the beginning of October. The Chainlink Virtual...

Dracula criticising SushiSwap

Dracula Points out SushiSwap Smart Contract Errors


A DeFi farming clone has unveiled features of smart contract bugs in another farming clone as they are doubled whenever the protocol is reproduced. Yield farming harvester Dracula Protocol has issued aspects on a smart contract bug in competitor DeFi program SushiSwap. The project was against...

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