Time Article Features Buterin and His Concerns Over Crypto

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Ethereum Vitalik Buterin Time

Ethereum co-creator, crypto influencer Vitalik Buterin is on the cover of Time Magazine. The cover story "The Prince of Crypto Has Concerns' tells about Buterin as a person that entered the crypto sector with clear goals and objectives. In an interview with the magazine, Buterin said he hopes Ethereum will be the start for all kinds of sociopolitical experiments including global basic income, fairer voting mechanisms, and more. However, he mentioned that crypto has a lot of fearful potential if used wrong.

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Buterin worries that his vision of Ethereum’s changing power is at risk of being overtaken by greed. He shared his concerns over high transaction prices and the fact that rich people can use technology to show off their wealth. According to Buterin, it is another kind of gambling to purchase $3 M monkeys referring to the popular NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club.

28-year-old Buterin says if we don’t raise our voice, the only projects that get developed will be the things that aim to make an immediate profit. He said he tries to be more risk-taking and less neutral. Buterin finds it is better for Ethereum to be offensive for some persons than become something that stands for nothing.