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LTC address activity raised after the Visa debit card launch


The Litecoin Foundation unveiled the Visa debit card, after which network activity peaked starting from mid-September. The average daily number of transactions on the Litecoin blockchain is approaching 150,000. Note that at the beginning of this month, LTC addresses made about 100,000 transactions...


Visa wants to launch a universal payment channel on ETH


Visa has shown an increased interest in the blockchain industry over the past few years. In winter, it became known about the plans of the payment system to launch support for digital currencies. As RBC clarifies, now the company wants to develop a network based on Ethereum for converting tokens,...

Visa buys a CryptoPunk NFT

Visa Buys an NFT “CryptoPunk” for $150.000


Leading financial services company Visa revealed buying CryptoPunk #7610 paying around $150.000 in Ether. Along with the announcement, Visa released a blog post. Through the post, the head of Crypto at Visa, Cuy Sheffield, explained what NFTs are and why the company chose to buy one. Over the last...

Vasant Prabhu

Visa CFO noted a drop in excitement around cryptocurrencies


In the spring of 2021, transactions with Visa crypto cards accounted for a significant part of the transaction volume of the payment system, but the excitement around digital assets is starting to weaken. The CFO of the company Vasant Prabhu spoke about this. According to the report for the III...

Binance Visa Mastercard

Visa and Mastercard Continue Partnership with Binance


Major payment companies Visa and Mastercard told Financial Times that clients will be able to access operations with Binance in spite of the current regulatory issues that the company faces. After various countries targeted Binance, some banks and payments firms have stopped working with the...

Visa BlockFi rewards Bitcoin

Visa & BlockFi Present BTC Rewards Credit Card


Crypto financial operations enterprise BlockFi issued its BTC returns credit card. The initiative of the card was first mentioned at the end of 2020. At that time, the waiting list was opened. Currently, the process of approving customers from the list has begun. BlockFi's card offers users to...

Blockchain Capital Visa PayPal

Visa and PayPal Backed Blockchain Capital's $300 M Funding


Venture Capital firm focused on crypto and DLT, Blockchain Capital allocated $300 M in funding for its Fund V. Giant finance firms PayPal and Visa contributed the round. BC was established in 2013. It has financially backed over 110 firms. The number includes crypto platforms Coinbase, Kraken,...

Visa crypto transfers

Visa to Provide Payment Settlements Via Crypto


International payments technology company Visa said on March 29 it will unlock the option of using USD Coin (USDC) to settle transactions on the platform. Visa teamed up with cryptocurrency and payment operations provider to launch the pilot project. The company aims to offer more firms...

Visa crypto wallets

Visa Aims to Enable Crypto Trading via Its Credit Card


Major financial services company Visa continues to be interested in the crypto industry. Recently, in a podcast with Fortune's Leadership Next the CEO of the firm Al Kelly talked about Visa's plans concerning digital assets. During the discussion, Kelly said that the team intends to bring out two...

Visa Latin America survey

Visa States: 25% of Latin Americans Want to Pay by Crypto


Financial services corporation Visa found out via survey that 25% of credit card holders in Latin America are willing to use cryptocurrencies during payment activities. Visa announced the third Visa COVID-19 Consumer Sentiment research results. The study aimed to discover customer trends at the...


Visa can integrate cryptocurrencies into its payment system


Visa has been interested in the cryptocurrency industry for the past few years. This payment operator even became a member of the Facebook crypto project (Libra). At the end of last week, Visa CEO Alfred Kelly said that in the future, the company's payment network could integrate digital...

Alfred Kelly about crypto payments on Visa

Visa CEO Says the Firm May Provide Crypto Payments


Major multinational financial services organization Visa has been in partnership with the crypto industry for a long time. Digital asset firms BlockFi, Fold, and already implement Visa-branded products. However, there is a possibility that Visa will enable crypto payments directly on its...

Visa to provide BTC rewards

Visa's New Credit Card will Provide Rewards in BTC


California-based financial entity Visa will bring out a new credit card that will provide BTC rewards to holders at the beginning of 2021. This became possible due to cooperation with lending protocol BlockFi for "Bitcoin Rewards Visa Credit Card," which yearly fee is $200. Shoppers will...

Jack Mallers

Zap and Visa will issue a card for bitcoin payments


Jack Mallers, a developer of the popular Lightning wallet Zap Wallet, proclaimed the start of Strike's open beta. With it, users will be able to make payments in bitcoin through direct bank transfers. “We have entered the Visa Fintech Fast Track program. It means accelerating integration with...


Visa filed patent application for "digital fiat currency"


Visa payment company filed a patent application for "digital fiat currency." On Thursday, May 14, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued the Visa patent application, which was incipiently filed in November 2019. The application describes a system for combining the advantages of...

Fold and Visa

Visa and Fold will issue a credit card with cashback in BTC


Bitcoin receives support from Visa corporation, which started collaborating with the Fold startup to create a credit card with a BTC cashback. CEO of the startup Will Reeves stated that Bitcoin users would be rewarded with up to 10% of purchases made using Fold and Visa credit cards. He believes...

Visa Coinbase Card

Coinbase received Visa membership: first in crypto sphere


The American Bitcoin exchange Coinbase received the status of Visa Principal Member, that is, a full member of the payment system. Thanks to this exchange, its users no longer have to use the services of third-party companies to issue Coinbase Card debit cards. According to the blog, Coinbase was...

Visa Coinbase Plaid

Visa takes over Coinbase exchange partner for $5.3 billion


Visa payment system acquired fintech startup Plaid for $5.3 billion, working with the Coinbase crypto exchange and the Abra wallet. The deal will allow Visa to provide users with advanced payment options and related services for fintech developers. Visa's Executive Director and Chairman Al Kelly...

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