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US Treasury

CEO of SUEX announced his plan to appeal sanctions of US Treasury


At the beginning of this week, the SUEX cryptocurrency platform, registered in Russia and the Czech Republic, was on the sanctions list of the US Treasury. The department said that the restrictive measures against the trading platform were introduced as part of the policy of the US leadership...

Elizabeth Warren

Senator calls on the head of US Treasury to set control over crypto


Senator Elizabeth Warren is known for periodically demanding that the US government tighten control over the cryptocurrency industry. She recently called Bitcoin a "lousy investment" and called on the authorities to destroy the digital currency. It became known this week that Elizabeth...


US Treasury Ex-Secretary predicts BTC price will increase


Former US Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers said that bitcoin will not collapse, its price will continue to rise in the long term. “The cryptocurrency looks much more resilient after the price set a new record and then declined,” he said. Summers believes that the reason for the continued...

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