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Polygon News and Articles

OpenSea Polygon

OpenSea Now Supports Polygon and Accepts MATIC


Leading NFT marketplace OpenSea announced integrating Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution Polygon into its web3 marketplace protocol Seaport. OpenSea introduced Seaport in June to allow users to buy and sell NFTs efficiently. The platform was launched on Ethereum with the aim to reduce the costs of...

Polygon blockchain zkEVM

Polygon Introduced a New Scaling Solution zkEVM


The Polygon team introduced the first EVM-equivalence zero knowledge Layer 2 scaling solution, zkEVM. It allows building on Polygon the same way as on Ethereum. Through zkEVM, developers can deploy smart contracts and use all the tools that operate on Ethereum. A blog post by Polygon says the...

Polygon Disney

Polygon and Other Tech Companies Chosen for a Disney Program


Polygon, a scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain and a Web 3 infrastructure is one of the tech companies to take part in Disney’s Accelerator Program. It is focused on advancing opportunities between innovative technologies and Walt Disney. This year, the program is directed toward AR,...


Terra ecosystem projects started migrating to the Polygon network


Over 48 projects from the collapsed Terra ecosystem have begun relocating to the second-tier Ethereum network Polygon (MATIC). This was announced by CEO Polygon Studios Ryan Wyatt. Among the most notable projects, he named the P2E game Derby Stars and the OnePlanet NFT marketplace. The latter's...

Coinbase Polygon Solana

Coinbase Adds Polygon and Solana Support for ETH, MATIC, and USDC


Popular crypto platform Coinbase said in the next month users will be able to make transactions in Ether, MATIC and USDC stablecoin on Ethereum's L2 scaling solution Polygon, and USDC on Solana. Coinbase published a blog post that mentions Ethereum has the largest ecosystem for developers,...

Tether Polygon

Tether’s USDT Now Operates on Polygon


The third largest crypto and the largest stablecoin USDT now operates on the Ethereum scaling solution, Polygon in addition to other blockchains, including Ethereum, EOS, and others. The Polygon team published a blog post that says the network's DeFi space will benefit greatly from USDT, which...


Polygon developers launched an acceleration program for DeFi projects


The platform for Ethereum solutions of the second level (L2) Polygon has launched a new acceleration program for developers in the field of decentralized finance. The initiative was implemented in cooperation with the third-level (L3) blockchain infrastructure provider Orbs based on the


Rarible integrates NFT on the Polygon platform


The Rarible NFT marketplace has added support for assets issued on the Polygon second-tier network. The integration brought the number of platforms used by the protocol to four, along with Ethereum, Tezos, and Flow. Rarible said that as part of the partnership, the NFT and gaming division of...


MATIC withdrawals and deposits are temporarily suspended on Binance


The popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced last night that the deposit and withdrawal of coins from the Polygon - MATIC project will be temporarily suspended. This information was also confirmed by the developers of the digital asset directly. The prehistory of the current situation lies...

Polygon outage

Polygon Network Was Down for About 11 Hours


Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution Polygon experienced an 11-hours long outage, started on March 10. Developers informed about the possibility of the outage beforehand, saying that there were some issues related to the network's validator layer Tendermint's implementation caused after a recent...

Polygon MATIC investment round

Polygon Raised $450 M in a Round Led by Sequoia


Polygon, an Ethereum scaling solution, has attracted $450 M, in a funding round led by Venture Capital Sequoia Capital India. SoftBank, Galaxy, Tiger, Republic Capital, and others also took part in the fundraising. The amount was raised via a private sale of MATIC, the native crypto of the...

Polygon MATIC upgrade

Polygon’s MATIC Becomes Deflationary After the EIP 1559 Launch


The Polygon team revealed today that Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP 1559) is going live on the Polygon blockchain protocol. With the upgrade, the supply of MATIC becomes deflationary, which means that through burning, coins will be removed from circulation. Also, the step improves fee...

Polygon Uniswap

UniSwap Now is On Polygon with 72+ M Supporting Votes


Polygon, a blockchain protocol, focused on increasing Ethereum’s scalability, revealed that leading Ethereum-based DEX UniSwap went live on it. On Nov. 20, the Polygon team presented a proposal to deploy UniSwap on Polygon. Due to the voting process, over 72 M UNI holders voted in its favor....

Opera Polygon blockchain

Polygon Comes To the Opera Browser Due to a Cooperation


Ethereum scaling network Polygon and Opera Browser built a collaboration, which suggests the browser's integration with Polygon, thus providing users in-browsers access to over 3000 dapps supported on Polygon. Among leading dapps operating on the Polygon protocol are lending and borrowing protocol...

Alexis Ohanian Polygon web 3

Reddit Co-founder and Polygon Present $200 M Web 3 Initiative


Entrepreneur, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, and Polygon Network have built a $200 M initiative to drive the growth of web3-based projects. Ohanian's VC firm Seven Seven Six and Polygon will back the projects representing the industry. The Polygon blockchain will deliver the infrastructure for...

Polygon ZK day Mir

Polygon’s Exciting News Is the Purchase of the Startup Mir


During the ZK summit, Polygon unveiled the big news it said was coming. That is the purchase of a startup, working on Ethereum scaling, Mir for $400 M. Previously, the Polygon team said it had exciting news to unveil. Mihailo Bjelic, Jaynti Kanani and Sandeep Nailwal, Polygon’s co-founders, spoke...

Polygon MATIC announcement

Polygon Has Huge News to Reveal on December 9


Ethereum scaling solution Polygon will hold a discussion on Zero-Knowledge rollups on Dec. 9, which the platform refers to as the ZK day. Polygon revealed the news via Twitter on Dec. 2. Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin will participate in the event. Also, on that day, the company will reveal a...

Mark Cuban article

Mark Cuban Released an Article About DeFi and Its Advantages


American billionaire investor Mark Cuban wrote an article related to blockchain technology and the DeFi industry titled “The Brilliance of Yield Farming, Liquidity Providing, and Valuing Crypto Projects". He stated that crypto businesses make more sense than people think and valuing tokens...

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