Polygon developers launched an acceleration program for DeFi projects

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The platform for Ethereum solutions of the second level (L2) Polygon has launched a new acceleration program for developers in the field of decentralized finance.

The initiative was implemented in cooperation with the third-level (L3) blockchain infrastructure provider Orbs based on the DeFi.org accelerator.

The program is focused on projects that use partners' key technologies.

“The focus on L2 and L3 DeFi applications is the next step for creators who are passionate about developing on Ethereum,” the statement said.

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Program participants will create solutions based on Polygon. They will receive support in the form of funding, mentoring, and marketing assistance. DeFi.org will provide liquidity for promising projects, as well as promotion through its website and other platforms.

“Polygon provides the need for Ethereum to scale, and Orbs expands the capabilities of smart contracts to a level not previously possible,” the platform team said. Recall that in January, Polygon developers presented the Plonky2 L2 solution based on zero-knowledge proofs.

In April, they announced the launch of the Avail testnet in the first half of 2022.