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Robinhood crypto wallet

Robinhood Launches Its Crypto Wallet with Polygon for Some Users


Fintech company Robinhood will issue a beta version of its non-custodial digital asset wallet to 10,000 iOS customers on its waitlist. First, the company revealed the plans for launching a wallet in May. The Chief Technical Officer of the platform, Johann Kerbrat tweeted that Polygon will be the...


Vulnerability found in older versions of the MetaMask wallet


Security researchers at Halborn have discovered a vulnerability in most browser wallets, including MetaMask. The problem affects a small segment of users. Experts have uncovered a case where, under certain conditions, the secret recovery phrase used by web wallets could be extracted from the disk...

Russia banks crypto wallets

Russian Banks Consider Banning Self-Custody Crypto Wallets


ARB (Association of Banks of Russia) has suggested banning the use of non-custodial wallets for storing cryptocurrencies. This means that users will need to use traditional exchange accounts. ARB also suggested criminalizing the behavior of not providing wallet private keys to licensed agencies. ...

Trezor wallet phishing attack

Crypto Wallet Trezor Warns About Phishing Attack


There were phishing attacks targeting one of the popular crypto hardware wallets, Trezor. The company released reports informing that the email marketing company MailChimp confirmed their service being exploited by an insider whose target became crypto products and services. Users posted...

Phantom fundraising iOS app

Phantom Wallet Attracted $109 M, Launched iOS App


Solana digital asset wallet Phantom has attracted $109 M in a Series B funding round. Thus, the valuation of the company hit $1.2 bln. The round was led by investment firm Paradigm. Andreessen Horowitz, Variant Fund, DeFi Alliance, Solana Ventures, also took part in the round. In the published blog...


Robinhood launches cryptocurrency wallet in early 2022


The list of those waiting to open a crypto wallet is more than one and a half million people. At the moment, users of the Robinhood trading application can buy and sell some cryptocurrencies, but still, the service does not provide for such opportunities as exchanging cryptocurrencies with other...


Number of ETH wallets with non-zero balance exceeded 69M


All categories of investors, including whales, took advantage of the drop in the value of Ether (ETH). According to Glassnode, the number of wallets with any amount of ETH reached 69.113 million, a new record in altcoin history. Meanwhile, the cost of Ether continues to fall. On the night of...

Square Bitcoin hardware wallet

Square Begins the Development of BTC Hardware Wallet


Financial services company Square restated the plans of launching its BTC hardware wallet. The director of hardware engineering at the firm, Jesse Dorogusker posted a series of tweets on July 8. He wrote the Square team intends to develop a hardware wallet to expand BTC adoption. People can ask...

Scams Ledger wallet

Scammers Send Fake Ledger Wallets to Users


Scammers are sending fake hardware wallets to people whose data was collected through a 3rd party data leak. Those are fake wallets for stealing crypto. The scam first appeared in May. Cybercriminals mailed people packages that include a fake Ledger Nano wallet. On June 17, Ledger explained the...

MetaMask wallet phishing bot

MetaMask Warns About New Phishing Bot


Widely-used Ethereum-based crypto wallet MetaMask urged about the appearance of the phishing bot that tries to get users' information by "instant support" database. It suggests filling in data in a Google Docs paper. MetaMask noted that the real framework doesn't have a Google-backed...

Metamask users 5 Million

The Number of MetaMask's Users Reached 5 Million


The wallet and extension Metamask now has 5 million active users per month which is five times more compared to October 2020, when the number crossed 1 M for the first time. 🥳 A new milestone!6 Months5 Million Monthly Active Users2 Billion USD in accumulated transactions100% more ethical...


1inch Launches 1inch Wallet iOS App


Liquidity aggregator from decentralized exchanges 1inch has introduced the 1inch Wallet app for iOS. It combined the capabilities of the web version and the functionality of a mobile wallet. At the first stage, the exchange of tokens is available to users. In the future, developers will add...

crypto wallets and exchanges

Crypto Wallets and Exchanges: Their Origins and Difference


The space of blockchain and cryptocurrencies offers various tools to manage user activities. Among the most essential ones are crypto wallets and exchanges. Are they both necessary and what is the difference between them? What is a cryptocurrency...

Visa crypto wallets

Visa Aims to Enable Crypto Trading via Its Credit Card


Major financial services company Visa continues to be interested in the crypto industry. Recently, in a podcast with Fortune's Leadership Next the CEO of the firm Al Kelly talked about Visa's plans concerning digital assets. During the discussion, Kelly said that the team intends to bring out two...

BTC new record 06.11.2020

Number of BTC Addresses Reaches 824,193


As reported by Glassnode blockchain analytics firm, the number of Bitcoin wallets carrying at minimum one BTC has beaten a new high score. Now 824,193 BTC addresses hold at least one Bitcoin which rate currently is at $15.585. Today’s value exceeds the previous all-time peak of 824,160 marked on...

Peter Schiff lost bitcoin

Peter Schiff reported he lost access to his Bitcoin wallet


Well-known Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff told that he had lost access to all his coins, as his wallet password is no longer valid. For what reasons this happened, the financial expert was at a loss to answer, saying only that the wallet was compromised. I just lost all the #Bitcoin I have ever owned....

Mobile wallets for beginners

5 mobile crypto wallets for beginners


If you're a newcomer in the cryptocurrency environment, you'll necessitate getting introduced with some definitions and tools. One of the points you're expected to know to navigate in this sphere is a cryptocurrency wallet. You can learn about these wallets theoretically, or you can download one of...

Telegram Open Network wallet

Despite SEC lawsuit, Telegram released test crypto wallet


Telegram, a popular messenger which decided to turn a blockchain corporation, has issued a test version of a desktop crypto wallet for its “gram” token. From the official website users of Windows, Mac OS and Linux can download the wallet and get their keys on TON testnet. The wallet...

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