Number of BTC Addresses Reaches 824,193

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BTC new record 06.11.2020

As reported by Glassnode blockchain analytics firm, the number of Bitcoin wallets carrying at minimum one BTC has beaten a new high score.

Now 824,193 BTC addresses hold at least one Bitcoin which rate currently is at $15.585. Today’s value exceeds the previous all-time peak of 824,160 marked on September 17, 2020.

Since Bitcoin’s introduction in August 2008, the number of addresses owing at least one BTC has been regularly growing, even though the asset's value has been rising since then.

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Several options influence the price rising. The 4 main aspects are considered to be the public administration of Bitcoin itself (e.g., block reward dividing), the global pandemic, political risk, and vagueness (e.g., presidential elections), and investment by users and associates.

Other crypto tokens have also made huge signs of progress. For instance, Glassnode data informed that the number of Ethereum addresses having at least 100 coins (about $40,000) has achieved an all-time of 53,019. This is pretty exciting as the last record hit 52,943 on July 13, 2020.