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CFTC News and Articles

CFTC DAO crypto

CFTC Sues a DAO for the First Time


The US derivatives markets regulator CFTC (Commodity and Futures Trading Commission) filed a lawsuit against the Decentralized Autonomous Organization bZeroX and its founders Tom Bean and Kyle Kistner. CFTC claims that the DAO has facilitated margined and leveraged retail commodity transactions,...

CFTC crypto regulations

CFTC Chair Revealed Creating a New Crypto Regulation Office


Rostin Behnam, Chair of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, finds that the agency should have more authority to supervise the crypto sector. At the forum "The Future of Crypto Regulation" the official said that there is a need for clear market regulations over digital commodity...

CFTC Mirror trading

US CFTC Charges Mirror Trading With $1.7 Bln Bitcoin Fraud


US financial regulator, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission submitted charges against South Africa-based crypto trading platform Mirror and its head Cornelius Johannes Steynberg for running a misleading pool worth over $1.7 bln in BTC. According to the agency's filing, Mirror was fraudulent...

SEC CFTC crypto

Gary Gensler Says SEC Is in Talks With the CFTC Over Crypto


The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) intends to collaborate with other government agencies to increase oversight of cryptocurrency exchanges and companies. In an interview with Financial Times, SEC chair Gary Gensler said he is holding discussions with his colleagues from the Commodity...

CFTC Bitcoin features Gemini

CFTC Submitted a Complaint Against Gemini Over Bitcoin Futures


The US regulator of the futures market, presented claims against the crypto platform Gemini, established by Winklevoss twins in 2014. It claims that the company falsified data provided to the CFTC in around 2017 at meetings and in papers by breaking the regulation principles. The federal agency...

Darma capital

DARMA Capital Launches Filecoin-Based CFTC Regulated Swap


Digital asset manager DARMA Capital announced the launch of Filecoin Asset Use Swap, the first of its kind swap based on Filecoin. DARMA Capital has secured product approval from the CFTC. A financial instrument involves the exchange over a certain period by two parties of cash flows generated by...


CFTC fined Polymarket DeFi platform $1.4 million


The US CFTC fined the Polymarket prediction platform $1.4M for servicing OTC binary options trading without proper registration. “Polymarket has offered over 900 different event markets since its beginning by hosting smart contracts on the blockchain to manage them. Polymarket creates, defines,...

Brian Quintenz

Crypto supporter Brian Quintenz announces retirement from CFTC


Brian Quintenz, known for his friendly attitude to cryptocurrencies, announced his resignation from the post of CFTC. Quintenz's term expired back in April 2020, when he committed to resigning by October. At the same time, the law allowed him to work in the CFTC until the end of 2021. “Without a...


SEC and CFTC are arguing over getting right to regulate cryptosphere


The head of the SEC, Gary Gensler, recently announced the need to legalize the cryptocurrency industry as soon as possible. In his opinion, the SEC should control this market. Gensler proposed to classify digital assets as securities. However, there is another important regulatory body in the...

Heath Tarbert

CFTC Chairman points to need for a crypto regulation concept


According to Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Heath Tarbert, it is necessary to develop the concept of cryptocurrency regulation before adopting legislation. That is, the US authorities should not just introduce laws on the control of the industry, but determine the...

Commodity Futures Trading Commission

LabCFTC head: COVID-19 can digitalize the payment base


Melissa Netram, head of the research division of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), predicts an acceleration of the transition to a qualitatively new financial infrastructure. The structure of the global economy is changing. For some areas, the crisis will deal a crushing blow, but...

digital US dollar

Former CFTC CEO leads blockchain-based digital USD project


Ex-Chairman of the CFTC Christopher Giancarlo plans to promote the idea of digitizing the US dollar using blockchain technology by launching The Digital Dollar Project for this purpose. The organization’s statement said the launch of The Digital Dollar Project was a logical follow-up to an...

Seed CX BTC swaps

Seed CX еxchange begins testing deliverable bitcoin swaps


Chicago-based cryptocurrency exchange Seed CX has begun the final phase of testing deliverable margin bitcoin swaps, reports The Block. According to representatives of Seed SEF, which specializes in swaps of the exchange division, testing will last throughout August. If the results are successful,...

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