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SwapToken (TOKEN) News

Fenerbahçe SK

Turkey's leading football club to release digital token for fans


The famous Turkish football club Fenerbahçe SK has announced the release of a virtual token for its fans. Based on the official statement, in this way, the club's management wants not only to get closer to their fans but also to significantly increase their profits. It is known that the release of...


SushiSwap vs UniSwap. The new token showed great results


SushiSwap has crossed $700 million in total value locked within three days of the project announcement. The token is considered to be an "evolution" to Uniswap. Let's compare these two protocols. The main difference is the governance token Sushi, which would be offered to liquidity...

YFI growth

The shocking success of YFI

by, which is a governance token reached $38,682 a few days ago. It got ahead of Bitcoin almost twice. The factors that had an impact on this success are the listing to the Aave platform, powerful technicals and partnerships. The collaboration with the exchange FTX is expected in the near...

Belarus bank token

Bank of Belarus offers banks an experiment to issue tokens


The financial regulator of Belarus plans to attract banks to create and implement transactions with tokens. It is reported by Sputnik Belarus. According to the draft decree, financial institutions will be able to issue utility tokens and conduct their initial proposals to attract financing in...

Tokenized securities

Asian financials group sets tokenized securities’ roadmap


Asia’s largest asset managers and financial services corporations have formed a representing group, which has published a document analysing the future of tokenized securities as a part of the average institutional toolkit, as well as calling on extra regulatory clarity to open the path....

Stacks on Binance

Stacks tokens are available on Binance and Hashkey Pro


It is the first time when Stacks tokens are being listed on a non-US platform. Blockstack PBC started a partnership with Binance and Hashkey Pro exchange for the listing of STX token. Hashkey Pro is a digital asset exchange for institutional investors, which is based in Hong Kong, and Binance is...