Stacks tokens are available on Binance and Hashkey Pro

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Stacks on Binance

It is the first time when Stacks tokens are being listed on a non-US platform.

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Blockstack PBC started a partnership with Binance and Hashkey Pro exchange for the listing of STX token. Hashkey Pro is a digital asset exchange for institutional investors, which is based in Hong Kong, and Binance is the most popular crypto exchange all over the world.

It is a significant move for Blockchstack. Stacks token is designed to support allowing shared economy throughout the system and among users of this technology. Blockcstack uses Stacks as fuel to register usernames, podcasts, domains and other digital assets. STX also proposes foundational incentives for developers via the App Mining program and is going to reward miners for securing the blockchain v2 in the nearest future.

The company aims to integrate more users to the platform by giving them an easy way of obtaining Stacks for using them on the network. Also, the purpose of this listing is to ensure convenient liquidity for STX holders and miners.

Blockstack is focused on enabling the user-controlled Internet. They understand that market cycles may go down or up. They are concentrated on creating real value over the long-term by enabling apps that put users in control.

CEO at Hashkey Pro Ben El-Baz said that they have chosen to list STX on their platform because they share the visions of Blockstack about regulatory compliance as an improvement for the crypto environment and digital assets market.