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BIZpaye (CRYPTO) News

Narendra Modi Twitter account hacked

Hackers Cracked Indian PM's Twitter Account


Attackers targeted the Twitter account of Indian PM Narendra Modi. On Sunday, Dec. 12, they spread fake news that India has adopted BTC. Also, the hackers wrote that the country acquired 500 coins to distribute to India’s residents. The office of the PM of India informed Twitter about the hack,...

Ark Invest Cathie Wood

Cathie Wood Continues to Be Bullish about Crypto


ARK Invest CEO and CIO Cathie Wood is bullish about the future of crypto, despite the current price decline. During a recent interview with CNBC on December 9, Wood shared her predictions. She reiterated her view that if more institutional investors choose Bitcoin, the price of the coin will...

Bitstamp new crypto listings

Bitstamp Launches SHIB, GALA, PERP and DYDX


Crypto exchange Butstamp revealed on Dec. 8 that it will add 4 new tokens: Shiba Inu (SHIB), Perpetual Protocol's PERP, dYdX (DYDX), and Gala Games (GALA). Today, the exchange revealed that users can place limit orders on SHIB and PERP pairs. SHIB is a popular meme coin. In July 2021, the Shiba Inu...

Congress crypto USA

Crypto Execs and Congress Discussed the Future of Finance


Crypto representatives and congresspeople discussed the future of digital assets during the hearing called by the chairwoman of the House Committee of Financial Services, Maxine Waters. Mainly, members of congress were positive about the industry. FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, Coinbase CFO Alesia...

McGlone crypto

Bloomberg Expects US to Embrace Crypto in 2022


Bloomberg Intelligence released a crypto sphere outlook for 2022. The insights by Commodity Strategist Mike McGlone show that in 2022 there will be a clear regulatory framework and bullish trends in the crypto industry in the US. The prediction is based on China's ban and the development of...

Fidelity Nexo partnership

Nexo and Fidelity Will Offer Products for Institutions


Digital currency loan service Nexo collaborates with enterprise-grade crypto custody Fidelity Digital Assets (FDAS) to enable large entities access crypto services. Per the release published by Nexo on December 7, the companies will introduce first-class financial operations and...

Gemini crypto Colombia

Gemini Partners with Colombia's Largest Bank


New-York based crypto platform Gemini partners with Colombia's largest commercial bank, Bancolombia, thus allowing Colombians to trade BTC, Eth, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. Services will become available from Dec. 14. From that day on, a certain group of the bank's users will be able to access...

Bitcoin crypto positions

$2.5 Bln of Leveraged Crypto Positions Were Liquidated


On Saturday, Bitcoin-focused technology and financial services firm NYDIG informed that around $2.5 billion of crypto leveraged positions were liquidated. $1.1 billion of the amount were Bitcoin positions. Bitcoin dropped below $47.000 on December 4 and was traded at around $46.600 according to...

Terra Luna all time high

Terra (LUNA) Set a New All-time High, Surpassing $69


The native crypto of the Terra blockchain protocol, LUNA hit a new ath of $69.74 today. In the last 7 days, the LUNA price went up by over 73.5%. At the moment, it is the 11th largest crypto with a market cap of over $26.2 bln. The surge happens amid the continuous lawsuit between the Terraform...

metaverse crypto Haim Israel

Bank of America Strategist Says Metaverse Will Boost Crypto


Financial expert, Managing director of research at Bank of America, Haim Israel, assumes metaverse will boost the adoption of blockchain technology and increase the number of crypto transactions. In one of his recent interviews, Israel mentioned the possibilities virtual-world platforms hold for...

Meta crypto ads

Meta Makes It Easier to Run Crypto Ads


Tech giant Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and others, published an ad policy update, according to which running crypto ads on the platform becomes easier. To do so, the company has increased the number of regulatory licenses it accepts from 3 to 27. On the...

Galaxy Digital crypto

Galaxy Digital Announced Raising $500 M


Blockchain tech and crypto-focused financial services provider Galaxy Digital announced raising funds. The firm will contribute the amount to the growth of the crypto space. Galaxy Digital intends to raise $500 M by selling five-year convertible notes in exchange for company stocks. As the company...

CoinDCX India

Popular Indian Crypto Exchange Gets Ready for IPO


The most prosperous crypto company of India, CoinDCX intends to hold an Initial Public Offering (IPO) when the question of regulations gets clear. CoinDCX co-founder Neeraj Khandelwal told about it during an interview with Bloomberg Television Monday. He also noted that an IPO delivers legitimacy...

China ban news platforms

Chinese Ban Expands to Crypto News Portals


China is decisive to eliminate the exposure of Chinese residents to cryptocurrencies. The authorities didn't overlook news outlets and mining pools. Recently, major crypto media provider Chainnews, founded in 2017, announced shutting down. The editor-in-chief informed about the decision in his...

Germany crypto

German Chancellor-elect Olaf Scholz Issues Crypto Warning


Olaf Scholz, the newly elected Chancellor of Germany issued a serious warning on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. According to an article published by Forbes, Scholz compared the growth of the crypto market to the 17th-century tulip mania of Holland. At the time, the value of tulip bulbs was extremely...

Ripple Brad Garlinghouse

Ripple CEO Talked About Crypto and the Lawsuit Ripple Faces


During his recent interview on CNBC, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse talked about inflation, crypto regulations, the dispute with the SEC, and what future developments he expects. The entrepreneur says currently the US sees inflation which it hasn't seen for decades. Being concerned to hold fiat...

Australia crypto opinions

Australian Regulator Warns About Crypto Risks


Officials in Australia have different approaches to the crypto industry. Chairman of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Joe Longo talked about cryptocurrencies on November 22, urging people to be careful about investing their all savings into unregulated assets that many...

Hillary Clinton crypto

Hillary Clinton Says Crypto Is a Great Treat To States


During her interview with Bloomberg Policies, former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton talked about the crypto industry and how in her opinion, the advancement of technology treats nations' stability. Talking about technology, the politician said one of the areas that nation-states got to pay...