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BetbuInu (CRYPTO) News

Toncoin Telegram

Toncoin Up 13% in a Week Amid Telegram's Usernames Auction


Toncoin (TON), the native crypto of the blockchain protocol The Open Network, designed by Telegram founders saw a price growth of more than 13.6% in the last 7 days. Currently the coin trades at around $1.4. It’s the 32th largest cryptocurrency with over $1 billion market cap. TON’s price...

Plaid crypto wallet

Fintech Company Plaid Announced Its First Crypto-Native Product


Leading financial services company Plaid revealed the launch of its first crypto-native product, Wallet Onboard. Founded in 2013, the company partners with banks and payment services to make it easy for people to connect their financial accounts to the apps and services they use. Plaid released a...

Japan crypto rules

Japan to Make Listing of Cryptocurrencies Easier


Japan intends to make rules for the crypto industry easier by providing a more simple way for virtual coins to get listed on exchanges. According to a release by Bloomberg, corresponding documents reveal that the authority governing crypto exchanges in Japan plans to allow the platforms to list...

Walmart crypto

Walmart CTO Finds Crypto Will Play an Essential Role in Payments


Suresh Kumar, the global CTO at Walmart, predicts that cryptocurrencies will play a key role in payment disruption in the future, transforming the way people pay for goods. Kumar mentioned that Walmart has a positive outlook on crypto at a Yahoo Finance summit. According to the executive, there are...

Quant Network QNT

Quant Ecosystem’s QNT Token Grows by 40% In a Week


QNT, the native crypto of the blockchain interoperability network Quant, saw about 40% price increase in the last 7 days despite bear market trends continuing to dominate. Currently, QNT is the 28th largest crypto with over $2.6 billion market cap. The token trades at around $218. Quant was founded...

MetaMask Sardine

Crypto Wallet MetaMask Adds Instant Bank-To-Crypto Option


Popular cryptocurrency wallet Metamask started allowing instant bank funding for US customers to buy crypto. MetaMask's parent company Consensys announced the news, saying that users can turn their fiat into crypto due to integration with the fiat and crypto settlement platform Sardine. Through...

Dominica Tron token

Dominica to Launch a Token Collaborating With Tron


The Dominican government will launch its national fan token, Dominica Coin (DMC) in partnership with the Tron blockchain protocol. The digital asset aims to help promote the country's heritage and tourist attractions. According to a release by the Office of the Prime Minister, the collaboration...

Morgan Stanley crypto decentralization

Morgan Stanley Says Crypto Is Getting Less Decentralized


A new release by investment manager Morgan Stanley says the crypto industry is getting less decentralized. According to it, although blockchain technology may be decentralized, the potential risk is that while regulations toward crypto develop, there is a need to implement most of the operations on...

Huobi crypto news

Huobi Global to be Purchased by About Capital


Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global agreed to be purchased by Hong Kong-based investment company About Capital Management's M&A fund. According to the investment manager, after the transaction, Huobi will see a series of international brand promotions and business expansion. It's envisioned...

Jim Cramer crypto

Jim Cramer Revealed He Bought a Farm With Bitcoin Earnings


TV personality Jim Cramer tweeted that he bought a farm with Bitcoin earnings and a boat with Ether. Cramer dared people to bet against him adding "You do not do this for 42 years and lose money every year." In an earlier tweet, the CNBC Mad Money host said he always welcomes people...

Bitcoin tech stocks

Bitcoin Starts to Outperform Most Major Assets; Mike McGlone


Bloomberg Intelligence released Cryptos Outlook October edition, which mentions positive trends in the crypto market. According to senior commodity strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, Mike McGlone, amid the rate hikes by more central banks, we see the tendency resuming for Bitcoin, Ethereum and...

Mastercard crypto security

Mastercard Presents a Tool to Fight Crypto Crime


Payments industry giant Mastercard has launched new software to fight against crypto fraud. According to an announcement by the company, the tool with the name "Crypto Secure" allows banks to identify and block transactions from crypto exchange platforms that have been linked to fraud....

Switzerland Lugano crypto

McDonald’s Now Accepts Bitcoin and Tether Payments In Lugano


International fast food chain McDonald’s now allows customers to make payments in Bitcoin and the USDT stablecoin in Lugana, Switzerland. Crypto news provider Bitcoin magazine published a video on Twitter about how customers can use Bitcoin for payments. In March, Lugano signed a deal with Tether...

Kim Kardashian crypto

Kim Kardashian Pays Over $1 M Related to Crypto Promotion Charges


Reality TV star and businesswoman Kim Kardashian has settled the SEC charges that she failed to relieve a payment she received for promoting a crypto asset on her Instagram feed, the agency announced the news. KK's post also included a link to the EthereumMax website, where visitors could see...

Juno crypto JCOIN

Crypto-Friendly Banking Juno Secured $18 M and Releases Its Coin


Singapore-headquartered digital banking company Juno has secured $18 M in a Series A funding stage to offer clients more products and services. Juno also plans to issue its first tokenized loyalty program along with the JCOIN cryptocurrency. The round was led by the investment firm ParaFi...

Proof of Stake book

Vitalik Buterin’s Proof of Stake Book Is Out


Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin informed people about the launch of his book "Proof of Stake." Before Ethereum’s launch, the Russian-Canadian writer and programmer has been involved in the Bitcoin community since 2011. He co-founded Bitcoin magazine and wrote articles for the news...

Robinhood crypto wallet

Robinhood Launches Its Crypto Wallet with Polygon for Some Users


Fintech company Robinhood will issue a beta version of its non-custodial digital asset wallet to 10,000 iOS customers on its waitlist. First, the company revealed the plans for launching a wallet in May. The Chief Technical Officer of the platform, Johann Kerbrat tweeted that Polygon will be the...

FTX Voyager bid

Crypto Exchange FTX Wins the Auction to Buy Voyager's Assets


FTX US won the bid to acquire the bankrupt Voyager’s digital assets. An announcement by the crypto lending company says the auction included lots of participants and took 2 weeks of multiple rounds. As a result, FTX US offered the highest and the best bid. FTX US's bid was valued at around $1.422...