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DeFi Bitcoin (BTC) News

Guinness bitcoin records

Bitcoin Enters the Guinness World Records


We can now see Bitcoin in the list of Guinness World Records for a number of entries. The book mentions that Bitcoin is the first decentralized cryptocurrency, the oldest active cryptocurrency, the first blockchain, etc. Searching "Bitcoin" on the Guinness World Records website, users...

Nassim Taleb crypto

Author Nassim Taleb Says Bitcoin Is a Tumor


Nassim Taleb, the author of Black Swan, said in a recent interview that creating tumors like Bitcoin hurts the economy. During Squawk Box, he expressed an opinion that we've had 15 - 14 and a half years of Disneyland that has destroyed the economic structure. According to Taleb, anyone who's...

MicroStrategy Bitcoin stock

MicroStrategy Plans to Sell $500 M of Stock to Buy More Bitcoin


Business intelligence firm MicroStrategy intends to buy more Bitcoins by selling up to $500 M of stock. According to an SEC filing, the company's stock offering serves general corporate purposes, including Bitcoin purchases. The company's class A shares are listed on The Nasdaq Global Select Market...


El Salvador bought an additional 80 BTC amid a drawdown in the course


On Thursday, June 30, the Salvadoran government purchased an additional 80 BTC for a total of $1.52 million, President Nayib Bukele announced this. “El Salvador bought 80 BTC today at $19,000 each. Bitcoin is the future. Thank you for the cheap sale,” Bukele wrote. On June 30, the rate of the...

Bitcoin addresses

BTC Number of Addresses With 1+ Coins Hit a New All-Time High


Data from the blockchain analytics platform Glassnode shows that the number of addresses holding more than 1 Bitcoin hit a new all-time high of 858,647. This indicator shows that the current price decline is considered as an investment opportunity for many. In the last 7 days, the coin fell by...

Kiyosaki Bitcoin prediction

Robert Kiyosaki Says Bitcoin May Fall to $17,000 and Lower


Entrepreneur, the author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", Robert Kiyosaki finds that Bitcoin crashing is great news. A recent tweet by Kiyosaki says that he continues to wait for BTC to crash to $20,000. The entrepreneur mentioned then he would wait for the coin to drop to $17,000. Kiyosaki plans...

Bitcoin price prediction

Ex BitMEX CEO Predicts Bitcoin To Hit $1 M by 2030


Former BitMEX Chief Executive Officer Arthur Hayes predicts that the Bitcoin price will reach $1 M by 2030 because of the non-efficiency of the US and European Union policies. According to him, it was apparent after COVID 19 that the financial system has a number of disadvantages. Hayes wrote an...

Blockstream block tesla

Tesla’s Tech Will Be Used for Block & Blockstream BTC Mining


Leading blockchain infrastructure builder Blockstream and financial services provider Block (previously Square) will build a facility in Texas for mining Bitcoin using Tesla's solar and storage technology. Adam Back, Blockstream's co-founder, and CEO unveiled the news at Bitcoin 2022. Together with...

Microstrategy Bitcoin purchase

MacroStrategy Acquires Additional 4,167 Bitcoins


Enterprise analytics and software company MicroStrategy's subsidiary MacroStrategy added another 4,167 Bitcoins to its holdings for around $190.5 M paying in cash. The average BTC price for the deal was $45,714, including fees and expenses. According to the statement published by the company, as of...

Huobi CEO Bitcoin

Huobi’s Du Jun Sees the Next BTC Bull Run To Happen Not Till 2024


The next Bitcoin bull run will occur no sooner than 2024 or early 2025 according to the co-founder of Huobi exchange, Du Jun. In an interview with CNBC, he noted that his opinion is based on the Bitcoin halving technique which takes place about every 4 years when 210.000 blocks are mined. BTC...

Max Keiser Bitcoin

Max Keiser Supports El Salvador's Initiative of BTC Bonds


Former US stockbroker, broadcaster, filmmaker, crypto investor, and the host of the program Keiser Report, Max Keiser supports El Salvador's Bitcoin policy. In an interview with Diario El Salvador, he said that El Salvador's making Bitcoin a legal tender offers a hopeful outlook for all economic...

Microstrategy buys more Bitcoin

MicroStrategy Adds 660 Bitcoins Worth $25 M


The CEO of the biggest publicly-traded business intelligence company MicroStrategy Michael Saylor announced buying another 660 bitcoins for $25 M. MicroStrategy paid about $37.865 per coin. Currently, the company holds about 125.051 BTC purchased for $3.78 bln at an average price of $30.200 per...

Bitfarms January 2022 Bitcoin

Bitfarms Purchased 1000 Bitcoins


Nasdaq-listed Bitcoin self-mining company Bitfarms announced adding 1000 Bitcoins for $43.2 M to its holdings. Presently, the company owns more than 4300 coins. With the recent acquisition, Bitfarm's holdings of bitcoin went up by 30%. In the published press release, the mining operations provider...

Bitcoin BTC hashrate

Bitcoin Hashrate Set a New All-Time High


The hashrate of the BTC network set a new all-time high of 209 exahashes per second on January 1. This number indicates the computational power that is used for minting new coins. In June 2021, the BTC hashrate saw a major fall, dropping as low as 61 EH/s. The main reason for the decline was the...

Glassnode Bitcoin crypto

Data Show Earlier Bitcoin Buyers Prefer Not to Sell


Data from Glassnode show early Bitcoin buyers aren't much interested in selling their coins, in spite of established price records and an all-time high in 2021. Activity movements tracker indicates that the percentage of bitcoins sold by old holders is near record lows. This means that the majority...

Charlie Munger criticizes Bitcoin

Charlie Munger Applauds China’s Bitcoin Ban


Billionaire investor Charlie Munger is in the camp of Bitcoin critics. During the Sohn Conference in Sydney, the businessman said he wished crypto hadn’t been invented. As the Australian Financial Review reports, Munger finds China is right to ban cryptocurrencies, and he admires the move....

MicroStrategy Purchases Bitcoin

MicroStrategy Bought 7002 Bitcoins


Software company MicroStrategy announced acquiring 7.002 Bitcoins worth around $414 M on November 29. The average price of the coin was $59,187, including fees and expenses. Currently, the company holds about 121,044 BTC purchased for nearly $3.57 billion at an average price of $29.534 per coin....

Bitcoin cryptocurrencies fall

Bitcoin Price Hits a 6-Week Low


BTC price trades at its lowest price since mid-October. In the last 24 hours, the coin dropped by around 6%, falling below $55.000. Ether trades at about $4.000. Other cryptocurrencies such as Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL), XRP, Polkadot (DOT), Avalanche (AVAX) also saw major value declines. The...