Robert Kiyosaki Says Bitcoin May Fall to $17,000 and Lower

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Kiyosaki Bitcoin prediction

Entrepreneur, the author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", Robert Kiyosaki finds that Bitcoin crashing is great news. A recent tweet by Kiyosaki says that he continues to wait for BTC to crash to $20,000. The entrepreneur mentioned then he would wait for the coin to drop to $17,000.

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Kiyosaki plans to "back up the truck" once the bottom is in. He believes crashes are the best times to get rich.

In another tweet, Kiyosaki explained why he finds crashes are good, citing a line from his book where Rich dad says that profit is made at the time of buying and not selling. He restated his vision that Bitcoin is the future of money and that he is going to buy coins when the price declines more. Kiyosaki predicts Bitcoin may go lower than $11,000.

According to Kiyosaki, Bitcoin will win eventually as "America is led by the 3 stooges." He means President Biden, Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen, and Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell. Next, Kiyosaki writes he trusts BTC and not the three of them.

At the moment of writing BTC trades at around $29,400 with a market cap of $560 billion. The global crypto market cap is $1.27 trillion.