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Dash (DASH) price, charts and news



Dash market data

DASH Coin Price: $26.95
DASH Market Cap: $309,397,331
DASH Circulating Supply: 11,482,224 DASH
DASH Total Supply: 18,920,000 DASH
DASH 24 Hour Volume: $8,819,740
DASH 24 Hour High: $--
DASH 24 Hour Low: $--
DASH 24h Change: 0.70%

What is Dash?

At first, in January 2014 this project was performed by Evan Duffield and was called “Xcoin”. Initial Bitcoin’s protocol was forked and that was the conception of Xcoin. Then it was renamed and famous as a Darkcoin. March 2015 was last time when it was renamed, from that on it’s commonly known as “DASH”, which simply implies “digital cash”. Dash payments are hidden and cannot be tracked along with balances. Starting from 2016 Dash is not working with any dark markets any more. Governance of the project is managed within a decentralized autonomous organization, where resolutions are executed by masternodes. For being a masternode a machine needs to have a minimum of required things like RAM, disk space, etc. and also own 1000 Dash or more. It takes over 2 minutes for mining a Dash coin with PoW consensus algorithm and “X11” hash function. Dash system presents two extra means of performing transactions. The first one is called “InstantSend” and it lets make faster transactions without mining only using the required consensus of masternodes. The second is “PrivateSend” which lets making untrackable transactions. In April 2018, DASH’s market capitalization equalled $4 billion. In March 2019 the cost of a DASH is $84.49. In February 2019 Dash was named the most famous token of Venezuela.

DASH price historical chart

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