Brian Brooks Leaves the Position of Binance US CEO

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Brian Brooks Binance US

Brian Brooks, a former U.S. Acting Comptroller of the Currency who started his service as the CEO of Binance US in early May, revealed leaving the position.

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The executive disclosed the news on Twitter on August 6, saying that in spite of differences over strategic approaches, he wishes the company success.

Binance founder and CEO Chanpeng Zhao tweeted that Brian's work for the firm was invaluable. He also said the team hopes Brooks will continue to be a part of the crypto sphere's advancement, advocating for regulations that move the industry forward.

While serving at the US governmental agency, Brooks supported the blockchain and crypto industry. It was under his watch when OCC allowed traditional finance establishments to provide crypto custody services and use stablecoins for payments.

The leading exchange Binance now is facing regulatory issues from various countries. The company is working on its compliance strategy.